Geekoto Ring Light

A popular light for Influencers

Geekoto Ring Light

In this age of influencers, ranging from YouTubers, Instagrammers and multitudes of creatives, lighting is one of the key needs.

Some resort to cheap Amazon 3-point lighting kits which do the job fairly well, but you have to think about this next point.
That’s 3 large lights, 3 large builds, 3 light stands and some faffing around to get even lighting that you need.

This is where people have started to see the benefit of ring lights, one stationary light that gives even illumination to a subject.

So how does the Geekoto Ring Light do?

Geekoto Ring Light — Back

First off the build quality of this ring light is not going to WOW anyone, I don’t think any ring light anywhere CLOSE to this price point is going to do that. However saying this, while it is plasticky, it seems to be a good quality, well moulded and keeps it lightweight.

On the back you have a vented ring exterior, the control panel which houses a dual power switch, a DC port, double NP-F battery ports, a 5V USB output port, colour temperature button, on/off button, the twist / confirmation knob and a LCD display.

All work as intended although the knob and buttons feel a little floaty but that’s pretty standard for all ring lights.

Geekoto Ring Light — Temperature

There are many cheap ring light brands at the moment that have a single colour temperature LED, then give you extra colour temperature plates that you have to stick to the front to change it.

However Geekoto has a temperature range from 3300K to 5600K with the simple tap of a button and swivel of the knob, extremely useful for colour matching other lights or backgrounds also.

Geekoto Ring Light — Diffuser

Not to mention that there is no need for an extra diffusion attachment, due to the lightly frosted diffuser that’s build right into the ring light already.
This provides far softer dimensions to the lighting, so it’s not as harsh, which makes it suitable for more purposes.

It’s a good balance between diffusion and power, as some diffusers you can buy take TOO much away from the brightness, while some don’t soften the light enough to be useful.

I’ve actually found myself only using the light on around 40–60% as it is extremely bright at 100% but the quality of the lighting is above any other ring light I’ve used close to this price bracket.

Geekoto Ring Light — Stands

The stand is probably the one part that I would like changed although that would raise the price somewhat, it’s very basic, feels cheap and is a bit fiddly compared to other brands that I’ve tried.
You have to keep in mind it is thrown in for free with the kit though, so you can’t complain too much.

Overall the Geekoto Ring Light is powerful, port rich, has nice soft diffusion, colour temperature adaptable and would suit any influencer in this day and age.

If you are looking at a ring light in the £100 range, you won’t find disappointed in Geekoto.


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