Star Wars: BB-9E by Sphero

This is NOT the droid you’re looking for… it’s the droid that’s looking for you.

Star Wars: BB-9E by Sphero

There’s a new disturbance in the Force.

BB-9E™ is a menacing astromech droid of the First Order. Control your BB-9E App-Enabled Droid with your smart device or watch it patrol on its own. 
BB-9E houses sophisticated tech, allowing it to roll and move his dome just like on-screen, and its strong exterior allows the First Order droid to weather any battle. This vigilant and intimidating droid is always on high alert.

BB-9E specializes in keeping starships and machinery fully operational with its many features. Keep BB-9E sharp with the augmented reality Droid Trainer and explore holographic simulations from the Star Wars™ galaxy. Watch BB-9E interact with other Star Wars App-Enabled Droids by Sphero, and view films from the Star Wars saga with BB-9E reacting by your side.

Star Wars: BB-9E by Sphero — Stand


  • Authentic Movement // Whether you’re driving or on Patrol, BB-9E rolls just like on-screen.
  • Holographic Simulation // Explore the Star Wars galaxy with the app and the Droid Trainer.
  • Droid-to-Droid Experience // Watch BB-9E interact with other Star Wars App-enabled Droids by Sphero.
  • Watch With Me // View films from the Star Wars saga with BB-9E by your side.
  • Signature LEDs // BB-9E’s dome is equipped with vibrant LED lights.

What’s in the box

  • BB-9E App-Enabled Droid
  • USB Charging Cord
  • Droid Trainer
  • Legal Guide
  • Charging Base

Tech Specs

  • iOS & Android compatible
  • Durable plastic shell
  • 3D Accelerometer
  • LED Lights
  • Bluetooth connection (100 foot range)
  • Inductive charging (over 1 hour of play on a full charge)
  • Free App: Star Wars App-Enabled Droids by Sphero app available through iTunes or Google Play
  • Height: 9 cm / Width: 7.3 cm / Weight ~223 g
Star Wars: BB-9E by Sphero — Close-up

Our Thoughts

As you guys and girls know by now, we already tried out the R2-D2 variant of the Sphero droids, which you can see HERE.

While the overall experience isn’t HUGELY different in the operation and software side of things, there is an obvious change in the locomotion of the droids.

BB-9E rolls and moves in a movie identical fashion in what seems to be a magical technological marvel. It’s effortless and so fun to watch him roll around the floor making noises, plus he’s damn speedy!

He also has a stand whereby you can move him in the app without having him physically roll along the floor, it’s like one of those omni-directional platforms but for a droid, so cool. It also facilitates the charging of the unit.

Star Wars: BB-9E by Sphero — Package

Be sure to go check it out and maybe buy one for yourself.
You will be sure to have a lot of fun!


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