Bionik QuickShot


Bionik Quickshot

Transform your Xbox One® controller into the ultimate gaming accessory with this custom grip. Dual setting trigger locks allow for faster shots and improve accuracy while rubber grips provide a better grasp for more control.

• Patent pending design.
• Customize your controller for better grip and faster trigger response.
• Improve reaction time with customizable trigger locks.
• Textured grip for improved control.
• Easy to install.

Two Quickshot™ grips (left & right), application tool and user guide.

As an avid gamer, both PC and Console, controls are one of the fundamental aspects to enjoy your experience.

Whether that’s a controller or mouse & keyboard, you want it to feel good and be intuitive.

The Bionik Quickshot aims to help you with that on Xbox One by enabling you to have a more comfortable textured grip and a faster trigger response with the customisable trigger locks.

Bionik Quickshot — Use

The application of the Quickshot is very easy and everything you need is supplied, including an application / pry tool for taking the covers off easily and putting them on.

Bionik has applied a nice texture to the grips, which makes them more closely resemble the ‘Elite’ controllers but at a FAR reduced price.
Although I would like to have seen them make the grips slightly more rubbery, but as they are, it’s a great improvement.

The triggers also make games like COD and BF feel more responsive, you can set them to be hair triggers if you wish, that can make firing semi-automatics a LOT faster, but can also make accidental touches deadly!

Bionik Quickshot — Application

Overall, it’s a nifty little product that takes a basic Xbox One controller into the same league as the much more expensive controller alternatives.

So is it worth it? Hell yeah, go give them a shot.

Available on Amazon from only £14.99

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