Handmade Burger Co — Round 2

If you haven’t already, you should probably go read our first fuller review of Handmade Burger Co over HERE.

As with our policy we offer a 3 month follow up review, so we can keep tabs on all the lovely new dishes etc that our reviewees come up with.

Those 3 months flew by, but boy oh boy had I missed the burgery (is that even a word? If not, I just invented it) goodness of Handmade Burger Co. This review is going to be shorter than the previous one, as I feel we laid the ground work for our general feelings to them previously and nothing had changed this time around.

We were intrigued by their newest menu offering ‘The Pit Range’ — Inspired by BBQ Pit Recipes from across the USA.

They all sounded so good, but I eventually settled on the BBQ ‘Slow n Low’ Pulled Pork, and Jess went for the American BBQ Bacon Stuffed.

We coupled this with Peri-Peri chips and the newest range of ‘Denver’ chips. For a nice little starter we went with a couple of shakes, Jess for the Butterscotch and me for the Mocha.

Looks good right? Well it tasted even BETTER! A strong hint of coffee with an undertone of chocolate, loved it. Once the food arrived my eyes lit up, it looked glorious, like a Viking Feast.

Just look at that table and you will understand why we couldn’t wait.
The Peri-Peri chips were gorgeous, but quite hot this time around, even more so than last time, left my tastebuds a bit overwhelmed.

Onto the Denver chips, they looked simply majestic, topped with pulled pork and slathered in BBQ sauce.

They tasted lovely, however in this particular plate there was way too much BBQ sauce and it was a fairly RICH BBQ sauce which detracted slightly from the overall taste.

Would like to try them again and see if it was just a one off with the sauce, as the bits where there wasn’t as much, tasted beautiful.

The BBQ ‘Slow n Low’ Pulled Pork burger looked supremely mouth watering, it was a 7oz beef patty topped with 6 hour cooked marinated pulled pork, BBQ sauce, Mayo, lettuce, red onion and all neatly packed into Brioche buns.

The burger and pulled pork were cooked perfectly, I could not fault it, top that with the thin layers of BBQ sauce and Mayo and this is one dish I would happily eat again!

Jess’s American BBQ Bacon Stuffed looked just as good, with a handmade patty stuffed with Swiss cheese, topped with smoked bacon, BBQ sauce, Mayo, lettuce and red onion. I was SO jealous of that Swiss cheese stuffed burger (why aren’t ALL burgers like this!?)

Had no complaints from her, just high praise so I can assure you it was every bit as gorgeous as mine.

On a little side note we ordered the 3 dips, one was garlic mayo, one was blue-cheese and one was sweet chilli. They all went lovely with the chips (especially the blue-cheese which was my order!).

If you want to go try out Handmade Burger Co, go check out their site for details — http://handmadeburger.co.uk/

Also follow their Twitter @Handmadeburger

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