Parblo A610 Drawing Tablet

Set your art free, on a budget

Parblo A610

For all of you out there that have been vying for a certain other well known brands drawing tablet, but quite can’t afford it.
This could be your solution.

The Parblo A610 Drawing Tablet is currently available on Amazon for the princely sum of £39.99. Does the price reflect the quality?

Not at all, I can honestly say this tablet blew me away.
The quality of workmanship from the box to the device itself with included accessories is quite simply astonishing in this price range.

However all of that is of no use if the tablet isn’t good to USE.

The Parblo A610 compares very favourably to my previous tablet which was the Wacom Intuos 4 Medium which cost over the £200 mark.
So when you consider that this sub-£40 tablet can get close to that mark, you have to be impressed.

While the tactile feel of certain parts of the tablet may not have the extreme ‘polish’ that the FAR more expensive units have, it certainly manages to create an enjoyable drawing experience.

The tablet comes with a rechargeable pen which feels nice in the hand, 8 spare tips, a pen holder (to sit in neatly on your desk when not in use), plus the standard cables that you need AND an anti-fouling glove.
This fits over your hand and covers two fingers plus the base of your palm, which gives you a nice glide while drawing, without making a mess of the surface.

Parblo A610

There are 8 express keys which are already labelled with various functions, such as zoom in / out, undo etc
These work fantastic with Photoshop and give you a lot of quick control over your drawing and editing.

In addition to these keys there are also 2 buttons on the pen itself which are tied to left click and right click as standard.

The pen is also pressure sensitive with 2040 levels which gives you increased control on your lines and colouring within the program of choice.
Meaning the harder you press, the thicker and darker lines will appear, all of which is customizable in most programs.

I have personally been using this with Photoshop and Krita, and it has performed above my expectations at this price point.
Cannot say enough about how I like this product.


Only criticism I can give is that the pen could use a different material / texture on it’s grip as this one seems to attract a lot of dust and grime. 
Nothing that would stop me enjoying it though, just a thought.

I would also like to have perhaps seen some type of ‘scroll’ function on the device itself for quickly adjusting sizes and the like, but I can not knock any points off for that. 
You are saving a shed load of money compared to comparable brands, so these little things can be overlooked in part.

If this sounds like something that you would be interested in, head over to Amazon and grab it at this incredible price.

Buy the Parblo A610 Drawing Tablet

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