Wyboston Lakes Hotel & Y Spa

Rest and Relaxation at it’s finest

Wyboston Lakes Hotel is located on the Wyboston Lakes Estate which is a 365 acre property in between Cambridge and Milton Keynes in the Eaton Socon / Little Barford area.

The Y Spa is nestled within the Hotel itself as a separate section.
They offer a wide range of treatments, from a hydrotherapy pool to varying saunas, mist showers, relaxation rooms, a Cafe and even an ice wall for those adventurous enough!

We were invited to try their Stop Over Spa which gives you:

A free treatment from the following —

Y Spa Fresh Face

Y Spa Soothing Scalp

Y Spa Happy Hands

Dinner, overnight hotel stay and cooked / continental breakfast, 2 course hot and cold buffet lunch, 4 hours use of Thermal Spa on day of arrival or departure.

This was OUR diary of the experience

Day 1 (Arrival)

Me and Jessica were told we could book in and our room would be ready by 3pm, so we went for lunch at the local Chiquito on the way for a lovely meal and headed on our way.
We arrived slightly early at around 2:45pm, were greeted by the lovely front of house staff who booked us in, gave us our welcome package bags and room key along with directions to our suite.

The place was undergoing some renovations as they are upgrading the suites, so we had to go in the side entrance.

There were a few ground sheets splayed on the floor and work men doing some decorating, but this didn’t bother us in any way, there was no way around it without them shutting down the place.

It didn’t hinder our experience at all.

The room was in the Atlantis block of suites, it has a nifty swipe card for entry, as well as for turning on the electric / lights upon entry.

There is more than enough space for a couple in the room, with a humongous well presented bed, nice neutral decoration, well placed lighting and a great big HD TV.

You couldn’t ask for much more to be honest, the bathroom was lovely and light, with a power shower, glass screen, large mirror and complimentary soaps / essentials.

The room is filled with extras such as USB plug sockets which is BRILLIANT and we certainly made use of them.
Not to mention the free high speed Wifi, a must have in this generation and extremely handy.

A coffee machine was fully stacked and ready to use, along with the typical robes and towels, A+ for effort.

There is a vanity make-up mirror, as well as mirrors on the door and next to the TV. On the shelving unit across from the bed was the brains of the operation, the tablet.

This tablet does pretty much everything you can want, it lets you get info about the Hotel / Spa, the nearest amenities, order room service and even book spa treatments.

Wyboston Lakes Hotel takes your credit / debit card information upon arrival which means they can just give you a ‘tab’ which you pay upon leaving, meaning you don’t have to carry around your purse or wallet, we loved this idea.

We left our bags and non-essentials in the room and ventured out to check out the rest of the Hotel and Spa.

Jessica had used the room tablet to book herself in for the Hot Stone Back Massage treatment which was at 5pm, so we had a couple of hours to burn which is why we headed off to the Waterfront Restaurant & Grill to get some drinks.

The room is nicely decorated and has adequate amounts of seating, including lovely long leather couches for chilling on and watching some of the provided sports TV.

I went up and ordered us a couple of Mocktail Mojito’s, we sat down and relaxed while waiting for our drinks to turn up.
This is where a little disappointment creeps in, it took over 20 minutes for our drinks to arrive and when they did they weren’t Mocktails, they were fully fledged alcohol packed Mojito’s.

While the long wait time was a minor inconvenience, we were disappointed in the wrong order, as what if we had ordered Mocktails because we were allergic to alcohol or something?
It is something that shouldn’t be overlooked.

The bartender was gracious and apologetic, immediately gave us a refund. Sadly due to the long wait time we didn’t end up having any drinks as Jessicas’ treatment was soon.

Jessica and I arrived 10 minutes early as requested, welcomed by one of the Spa employees into the Cafe to wait for our time.
Asked if we would like a drink, Jessica had a water while I opted for a herbal tea.

The room was filled with a sweet aroma, relaxing music and pleasant lighting, just want you would want before or after a treatment.

Once it hit treatment time, Jessica and I were taken up into her dimly lit treatment room. Relaxing music was pumping into the room, she was asked to lay down on the table and the Masseuse got to work.

This was apparently super relaxing and got out a lot of kinks in her back, she couldn’t stop raving about how good it was, which made me sad that I opted out of having one done!

(Next time…next time.)

So the treatment got a huge thumbs up.
We then went back to our rooms to relax and chill out before dinner which was at 7.30pm.

On the spur of the moment I decided we should try out the room service, so we ordered a couple of drinks and a bread platter (in hindsight this was NOT a wise decision JUST before dinner…) along with a complimentary ice bucket.

From ordering to someone arriving to our door with order was 12 minutes, a mere 12 minutes! That is seriously impressive considering it was freshly warmed bread along with dips, plus our room was a little way from the main area and through a series of manual doors.

Bless the Porter who brought it, it was a large tray!

After munching our way through the gorgeous bread platter (which was really divine by the way) we had a nap on the bed, which was EXTREMELY comfortable.

That quick snooze went by in an instant, I really didn’t feel like getting up because I just sank into that amazing bed.

Got ourselves dressed up and ready for dinner then headed out.
Dinner was at the Waterfront, having a reserved table by the window. I am sure the view would be lovely on a Summer eve, overlooking the lake, sadly it was dark as the nights are drawing in.

All of the staff were accommodating and helpful while ordering our food & drinks.

For starters I ordered Pork Belly bites and Jess had the Sticky Chicken Wings.
While waiting for our starters, they brought out some complimentary sharers, they were like large crispy tortillas with some olives and dip.
They were actually really nice, lightly spiced with Paprika and had a great crunch.

Within 10 minutes of ordering, our starters came (in record time).

The Pork belly bites were warm, crispy on the outside and melt in your mouth buttery softness in the middle.
Jessica was making reassuring noises while eating the Sticky chicken, so I gather that to mean she loved them.
A little chat afterwards cemented this impression.
I also managed to snag a bit, and I can also agree, the chicken was GOOOOOOD. slightly sweet and tender, yum.

After our starters were done and dusted, our plates were collected and the mains arrived about 10 minutes later.
We really liked that we didn’t have much waiting time between courses, it flowed smoothly.

For the mains Jess ordered Haddock & Chips, while I went with a spicier option of the Jalfrezi curry.

The Haddock was a MASSIVE fillet, smelt great and looked like a feast fit for a King/Queen. Jess liked it although felt it may be a bit saltier than usual, but it did not stop her demolishing it.

My Jalfrezi came beautifully laid out, with a Poppadom and Naan bread, Mango chutney dip in tow.

The curry was aromatic and tasted sublime, spicy but not overly so, meat cooked to perfection, along with the rice.
It also had these really adorable little onion rings which were so cute!

Overall while it was not the BEST curry I have had, it was certainly tasty and I would order it again.

After all was finished, we really had no room to eat a dessert, but they did sound appetizing so we asked with they could be arranged to take away.

We opted for the Apple Crumble and the Cheese platter.
The staff were lovely and wrapped them up on dishes so we could take them back to our room for later.

Jess really liked the Apple crumble, with the crumble itself and the custard separate ready to be mixed.

The cheese platter was extremely satisfying as well, a mixture of Brie, Danish Blue, a white cheddar, along with grapes, chutney and crackers.

All tuckered out from the amount of food we had just engorged ourselves on, we were ready for bed.
A quick stunningly warm relaxing shower later, we slipped under the sheets and nodded off while watching some programs on the TV.
The bed was SO comfortable, I want one…

Day 2 (Departing)

Waking up this morning was one of the toughest things I have ever done, we were so well rested and relaxed, I never wanted to leave the bed.
Sadly however, our booking out time was 11 and our Spa sessions was booked in from 9 to 1.

So we got up, had a quick shower, got dressed and headed out to breakfast at 8am.

Breakfast was a mixture of cooked and continental self serve buffet food.
So I had some crispy American style bacon, Croissant, Mixed berries & Melon slices.
All cooked to perfection, copious amounts for people to choose from, you could not be disappointed with the selection.

We were both impressed with the food and filled ourselves nicely, ready to take on our day of pampering.

Breakfast finished just in time for us to head off to the Spa.

At the Spa desk we were asked to fill out some health questionnaires and sign them off (we had actually done this before the Hot Stone Massage to save time) just so they know of any health conditions or allergies.

We were then given this nifty little wristband that they use to open the Spa doors and also for your lockers. You hold them up to the sensor and it opens or locks depending on what you want it to do. Nice safety system.

Jess and I went into our respective changing rooms, opened our lockers, inside there were a robe and slippers waiting.
So I changed, put my valuables and items in the locker, locked it with the wristband and headed out to meet her.

In the main Hydrotherapy area, you lead into the large 11 metre pool.
The water was beautifully warm as we stepped down the steps into the heated pool.

As we were there early in the morning it was only us and one other couple, we started by walking into the centre placed standing Jacuzzi style area.
You press a button and jets shoot up from the floor and the walls, creating a massaging action as you stand or lay and float. It was GORGEOUS, great way to start.

After a little while of just enjoying the bubbles and jets, we noticed the area either side of the centre, where there are metal platforms that look like underwater loungers.
You can lay on these and be semi-submerged as you once again warm jets shoot up from beneath.
I really like this, it was so relaxing, especially as the air that morning was fairly brisk.

Across from the ‘beds’ there were 2 large metal pipes, these looked a bit odd and I didn’t know exactly what they were, that was until Jess went under them.
They turn on and shower you with a fairly fast jet of warm water, splashing left and right as the beam hits your head with a torrent. Certainly a spectacle to behold.

On the side of the pool is lovely decking which houses a few couches and seats where you can go and chill out while others settle into the pool.

After we had our fill of the pool, we wanted to explore some of the other aspects, first off starting with the Kelo Sauna, which is the hottest sauna in the Spa.

Boy oh boy, was it hot. We walk in to an immediate wall of heat. Set the timer to 15 minutes, but after 5 minutes I was already feeling it.
The decking style seats were very warm, there were 3 levels, along with a couple of lounger style slopes to lay on.

After about 10 minutes I felt my glasses burning the sides of my face, so we decided to leave early. One thing it did extremely well was drying out our swimming wear! So that was a handy secondary effect.
If you like HOT Saunas the Kelo is definitely for you, just don’t over do it.

Once we left the Kelo sauna, we headed back to the main hallway where there are a variety of showers.
There is a specific hallway for cold showers, a light mist spraying shower which was lovely after the sauna, a cool mist encompassing your body after that type of heat was satisfying.
Next to the mister was the Glacial shower which streams out ice cold water, I ran through it just for the experience, but I am too much of a wuss to do it properly!

Beyond those cold showers there was a door that led into the Ice wall room, exactly what it says on the tin, a room with one wall covered in ice, lowering the temperature of the air. It was actually quite pleasant and soothing.

Wanting to experience all of the facilities, we tried out the Steam room and the salty steam room.
Both of which were REALLY not to our taste, completely filled with steam so we couldn’t see, the air was WAY too hot to be comfortable. Not sure if that’s how it was supposed to be, but we didn’t enjoy it.

We quickly exited and headed to the other sauna which was the ‘Softy’ sauna, which consisted of what I would call the ‘perfect’ temperature for relaxing.
A slight warmth like being under a furry blanket on a cold winters night, I felt like I was snuggling the air, it was lush.
Definitely my favourite sauna.

Once we got our fill of the sauna and hydrotherapy areas, we dried off using the supplied towels, chucked them into the towel bins and headed to the relaxation areas.

These consist of the Big Sleep and Time Out areas, where they have quiet rooms for either sleeping on their wicker memory foam topped beds, water beds or sitting and reading in their wonderful Egg chairs in front of the glass fronted fireplace.

We tried out all of these quickly, Jess fell in love with the water beds. However we headed into the Big Sleep area for a nap.
The room has peaceful light music playing in the background, after about 10 minutes we were sparked out.

Woke up a while later, well rested and decided to go sit in those cool looking Egg chairs. We sat across from each other, rested our legs up and had a chat till it was time for our lunch reservation. 1pm had come around SUPER quickly, time flies when you are relaxing.

So we got changed, handed back our wristbands and thanked the staff.

Off to lunch we went.

Lunch was lovely, variety of cooked foods including Pizza, Tempura vegetables, rice, tender aromatic chicken and a gorgeous Goats cheese tart.
We even went up for seconds, it was that good.
Finished up with a cute Brownie in a pot.

With lunch out of the way, it was time for our included Y Spa Soothing Scalp treatment.
We headed back to the Spa, where we were invited upstairs to wait in the lounge till our masseuse was ready.

After a few minutes we were individually called into our rooms where we were asked to get ready.
Top came off, socks came off, laying on my back on the warm massage table.
My masseuse came in and told me the treatment was going to begin.

The treatment started with a complimentary foot massage with mint oils, it was lovely. They put heated mint oils on a towel and rub it into the sole of your foot, while compressing the heat down. Felt AMAZING.

She then went on to massage my neck, top of my shoulders / arms and then eventually onto my scalp.
Gently caressing as she went, I was almost ready to doze off, luckily she moved onto trying to work any stress and knots out of my neck / shoulder.
This was actually refreshing and I feel it worked out a few kinks that were there.

Once again she moved to the scalp, massaged gently and delicately with her fingers rotating slowly around my temples and all over. I felt like all my worries just swept away, definitely a relaxing session.
The treatment was over before I knew it, 25 minutes has never flown so fast.

This is something I would DEFINITELY recommend.

So our Spa experience had finally come to an end, but what a way to finish. It was like we were gliding on air all the way home.

We went to the front desk, paid up any of the extras we accumulated over the stay, and were waved off by the smiley women as we said our goodbyes.


All things considered, our stay at Wyboston Lakes Hotel and the treatments we had at Y Spa were pretty flawless.
The staff were friendly and helpful, the rooms were spotless and comfortable, the Spa experience was smooth and relaxing. What more could you want?

We would love to go back and try out some of their other packages if invited, we will keep you updated on Twitter with our experiences!

Prices for a similar experience start at £119 per person, which when you take into consideration what it includes, is actually quite a steal.
If you or someone you love are in need of a couple of days to unwind, this is definitely somewhere to consider.

No qualms in giving them 4.5 stars out of 5.

Be sure to check out their site — http://www.yspa.co.uk/
You can also follow them on Twitter —https://twitter.com/yspauk

Review stay provided complimentary by establishment — however all opinions and experiences are our own.

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