Magnetix Wellness Products

Look Good and Live Well.

Magnetix Wellness

Who are Magnetix Wellness?

In 1999, when Petra Döring started designing magnetic jewellery, it was all great fun: she focused on classical colours and shapes, current trends, personal preferences and her own inspiration. 
She put together collections of matching items of jewellery that perfectly complemented one another — from bracelets and chains to rings and earrings. And she combined design and efficacy, because each item is equipped with high quality magnets.

Magnetix Wellness create products ranging from jewellery, perfume, watches and even pet accessories, all based around the incorporated strong magnets having healing or beneficial properties.

Magnetix Wellness Balls — £47

The rhythmic movement of the wellness ball contributes to relaxation and calming. Especially during a stressful day at the office or for older individuals, the motor and sensory skills are stimulated so that you’re better able to concentrate.

Upon using the Wellness balls, we can see the appeal, it’s slightly akin to an old school fidget spinner / cube, the movement and concentration required to keep them moving can help calm and keep anxiety at bay.

Magnetix Wellness Comb — £56

Made of skin-friendly stainless steel. The powerful neodymium magnets are on the tips of the comb teeth and therefore touch your scalp directly with every stroke. A real innovation.

First off, this is a solid object, solid stainless steel and the smooth tips give a more luxurious feel than any comb I’ve felt.
When using it on fixing my hair in the morning or afternoon, the bulbous magnetic tips do give a nice gentle massage to the scalp as you brush through your hair.

While I cannot comment on the magnetic benefits, it does feel soothing!

Magnetix Wellness — Power of Life — £37

The spicy unisex fragrance presents itself as fresh and exciting, but at the same time also warm and sensual. Ginger, cinnamon, saffron and mugwort form a great fragrance team that excites, warms and conjures up a good mood.

So upon receiving this and trying it on various family / friends, all have said it is a really nice fragrance. To be personally it gives a warm note of wood and olive, which is rather invigorating.

Top Notes: Armoise ess, Birch, Ginger

Middle Notes: Muguet, Lotus, Orcanox

Bottom Notes: Musk, Amber, Patchouli

Would absolutely recommend this and would love to try some of their other fragrances as they do last a long time and are extremely pleasing to the senses.

Overall it’s very easy to see that Magnetix Wellness put out quality products with a lot of thought and effort put into their design and sustainability.
While it is rather subjective to talk about the benefits of the magnetic aspect of the design, it is easy to talk about the professionalism and quality of the products in question. They do not cut corners!

I liked all of the products reviewed, but do be aware that they do come with a premium price tag, it is not for everyone.

Go check out their store at

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