3D LUT Creator

A New Professional Colour Grading Experience

3D LUT Creator

3D LUT Creator is the latest program for professional colour grading, on either still images or videos.
It came to my attention while creating our LUT Packs for the Panasonic G7.
While we typically use DaVinci Resolve, it seemed like an interesting program to take a look at.

You can open images or videos from programs such as Adobe Photoshop, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Premiere Pro, DaVinci Resolve or FinalCut Pro.

A/B Tab

While colour correction in most software uses either bars or colour wheels, the main stay of 3D LUT Creator tools are housed on the ‘bending grid’ which is tied to the colour plane with saturation and hue.

It takes a little getting used to but it enables you to complete change the colour scheme of a piece with only a few clicks.

C/L Tab

You can also adjust the hue and contrast of certain colour ranges by dragging their segments on the grid.
It leaves a lot of scope for customizability and quick changes which in some other programs would take a bit more tweaking.

There are also some very intuitive additions such as Colour Matching from reference images.
This enables you to automatically colour match your main footage / image to the palette of a reference image.

While this doesn’t work 100% of the time it can get you ‘close’ to a result.

Curves Tab

We also have access to curves which can be used in a variety of ways, but is the staple of most grading programs, so it is nice to have it easily accessible and prominent in the UI.

One item that I really did like was that if you hover over the image you are editing and click, it automatically picks the nearest grid point to the colour selected.
So you can pick EXACT colour values to change in your image without having to search through sliders or data. Nifty!

Another feature I quite like is the ability to directly export your newly created LUT into Photoshop. It really streamlines the process if you are using 3D LUT Creator to make LUTs for photo editing.

Of course you can still export the LUT the standard way and import it manually to your desired program of choice.

Reference Images

Overall 3D LUT Creator is a great program, it offers you an immense amount of power for your colour grading needs.
While performance for me didn’t QUITE match that of DaVinci, the ability to completely control each individual colour without masking is a fantastic benefit.

For those who want the ultimate amount of control over these LUTs, 3D LUT Creator is looking to be a fantastic competitor in this field.

Try it yourself — http://3dlutcreator.com/

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