Penclic Mouse B3 Review

Pen Shaped Bluetooth Mouse — Reduces RSI

Penclic Mouse B3


  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Unique, intuitive and comfortable design
  • Designed to prevent RSI
  • 3 buttons and scroll wheel
  • Energy saving mode starts after 10 min, press a button to start.
  • For both left- and right-handed users
  • Laser sensor
  • Operates on almost any surface without any pad or tablet
  • DPI 800–1200–1600

General Use + Thoughts:

First things first, the Penclic Mouse B3 is the latest in a long line of ergonomic products released by Penclic, aiming to counter the ill effects of computing that can lead to RSI.

Penclic’s innovative pen grip mice create a relaxed and natural working position and counteracts health problems like Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI), obtained from using a traditional computer mouse. —

This is a worry in a lot of workplaces and even individuals that use computers a lot, including myself. If you are working in sub-optimal conditions then this is an even greater risk.

Products like this strive to make a usable functioning change to your day to day life, and I can say from experience using the Penclic B3 that it does it admirably.
Being wireless means you aren’t restricted by a wire, however there are wired products available by Penclic if this is your preference.

It simply plugs in and charges via a micro usb, the battery lasts a LONG time, however I made it a habit to plug it in daily, meaning I never really ran out.
The gliding action is smooth, the pen rotates to fit the ambidextrous nature, overall it’s just a solid experience.

The first few hours or even days using the mouse can be a bit rough as you get used to moving it around as you would your normal device, but it fairly soon just CLICKS and works fantastically. You are essentially using a mouse in a pen shaped body, the grip and function of the buttons / scroll wheel make you at home. 
It does feel a bit odd first time around I must say, but that fades as you go about your daily tasks.

Whether you are a heavy PC user or just wanting to look after your health, the Penclic Mouse B3 is a great option to look at.

Go check it out on Amazon —

Retailing for around £75 currently.

Any Amazon links are affiliate links whereby we get a small commission for recommending you to their site, it changes nothing on your shopping experience / price.

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