E-Trends FLY Bike

A folding E-Bike that is fun to use.

E-Trends FLY Bike

So with our world renowned sunny UK days (haha, yeah right), I decided it was time to whip out my favourite mode of transportation. However my old manual bike decided to give up the ghost, so there was only one thing to do. Upgrade.

This is where the E-Trends FLY Bike comes in, it is one of those trendy new E-Bikes that always seemed really cool to ride, but are always rather expensive. Luckily E-Trends is combating that price stigma, as the E-Trends FLY is actually rather cheap in comparison to many competitors and gives you a comfortable experience.

E-Trends FLY Video


  • Minimal assembly
  • Adjustable handlebars and saddle
  • Front & rear mud guards
  • Reflectors
  • Single speed (no gears)
  • Front & rear alloy V-brakes
  • 16-inch steel frame
  • 20-inch wheels with aluminium rims
  • For riders up to 120kgs / 264 lbs
  • Dimensions: 155cm x 51cm x 109cm / 61″ x 20″ x 43″
  • Folded dimensions: 86 cm x 33 cm x 63 cm / 34″ x 13″ x 25″
  • Total weight: 23.5 kg / 52 lbs
  • Includes rear pannier
  • 36V*7.5AH Lithium ion removable/lockable battery
  • Recharge time of 4 hours
  • 250W motor
  • Pedal power-assist up to 15 mph/24 km/h and 6 km/h pushing mode
  • Battery indicator display on handlebar
  • Range of 30 Miles (dependent on terrain, style of riding, weight carried and level of assist)
  • Battery warranty of 2 Years / 700 charges (battery must be fully charged at least once a month).

E-Trends FLY Bike – Open

First off I have to say that the E-Trends FLY seems really small when it arrived, but still rather heavy.
When folded down it is really a neat little package, something you can fit in the boot of your car or sit next to you on the train. Just remember to work out those arms, as you might need them!

It has a 16-inch steel frame with 20-inch wheels with aluminium rims, the construction seems solid, everything in the right place and put together really well.

The seat is SUPER comfortable, it is sprung and padded, which felt nice on my bum. Giving you that extra bit of cushion as well as a little bounce for bumpy rides.

The handles have good rubberised grip and feel comfortable, even in my large hands.

E-Trends FLY Bike – Closed

One addition I really like is the super bright front and rear lights, they are an absolute must have if you plan on any blue hour or night time riding. It made me especially easy to see riding along the village roads and gave me the extra security I needed.

Another handy feature is the kickstand which allows you to rest it easily while open. So if I had to nip in the shop, I’d pop it down and be on my way.

E-Trends FLY Bike – Lights

The E-Trends FLY is a single speed bike which means you have no fuss of changing gears, it’s a smooth ride without any fuss.
It can handle going up to 15-mph with it’s pedal-assist mode and that is mighty fine for just about every occasion for intended use.

Once you start pedalling you can feel when the motor kicks in, the pedals become lighter and the bike increases speed, making it an effortless glide.

The motor is 250W and can handle riders of up to 120kg, we never had any problem with it, it always kicked in at the right moment and was a load of fun to use. Didn’t ever feel it struggle, although I did use it on the rather flat Fenland roads, so didn’t expect it to.

It has a rated range of about 30 miles which by my rough calculations is about what we averaged between charges. The battery is removable and also only takes 4 hours to charge which is rather nice.
We could take it out of the bike, put it on a worktop and plug it in via the XLR type input.

Another novel feature is the ability to lock the battery, you even get a cute little key to turn it on and off.
You can then see the battery level through the LEDs on the handle, although these were a little glitchy, sometimes showing less or more than was really there.

E-Trends FLY – Battery

You have a button on the handles that turns lights on and off, as well as a very loud horn (it did once get stuck on for a few seconds, I felt sorry for the neighbours!).
There is a rotating right handle which allows you to turn it and put on the push-assist mode, handy for when you need to get the bike out or put away again. It especially helped me on our gravel driveway, taking the strain off the wrists and arms.

As well as your standard front and back V-Brakes. All in the usual position.
Nothing too crazy and feels much like any other bike you have experienced.

One little area where I had a problem was the tightening pegs for the seat and handle bars, first few times I rode it, the handlebars always needed reseting to straight, as they had moved alignment.
This unit we had was an ex-demo one and was used, so I feel it was probably just that.
We tightened the bolts and it held securely after that, but was worth mentioning.

I would prefer if somehow there was a more solid connection there or system used.

E-Trends FLY Bike – Handles

Overall the E-Trends FLY bike is a very solid performer and I had so much fun using it on my daily bike rides. If you are looking to get an affordable, easy to transport E-Bike for your daily commute or just for some weekend fun, then I can highly recommend this.

They have made a folding, fun, long range E-Bike that is below most competitions price point, so a big pat on the back for that!

It is priced at £699.99 and is available from E-Trends website HERE.

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