On-Demand Fitness with Motion Matching

Wondercise – Watch

In these times of deep struggles, many being homebound and a lot of our simple pleasures being taken away from us, we have to find alternatives. Even things such as exercise, with gyms being closed, people are flocking to find new ways to fulfil that void. That is where Wondercise comes in!


Wondercise brings the personal touch of taught classes to living rooms around the world


  • Live Motion Matching – Wondercise’s proprietary technology enables users to maintain a focus on form, mirror trainers’ movements, to maximize workout results when used in conjunction with an Apple Watch or compatible Garmin wearable.
  • Live exercise score – on-screen real-time workout metrics tracking and heart rate data helps users measure their fitness progress, to keep them on track.
  • Training feedback – gives users tips to help them get the most out of each workout.
  • Pre-programmed workouts – unlimited streaming service helps users build and measure their fitness with a wide range of pre-programmed routines and new videos added weekly.
  • Tailored training – whether you want to dip in and out of classes or enrol in a robust plan, Wondercise’s smart technology curates a series of personalized workouts to deliver a more personalised, effective individual fitness plan, helping users achieve their fitness goals.
  • Long and short workout window convenience – each training course is split into sessions of under 10 minutes so finding time for fitness won’t be a problem.
  • Added value – unlike other technology-driven home training solutions, the Wondercise app doesn’t require any expensive equipment to help its users stay fit. 
Wondercise – Motion Match

So just how well does it work? From experience, very well!
There are many courses to choose from in a variety of styles, all very easy to follow and broken up into manageable chunks which means whether you are are devoting an hour at a time or 20 minutes, you can get a good workout in then continue at your own pace.

The feature that stood out for me was how exercises are tracked, the personalised progression and the fact that movements can be motion matched to make sure your form is matching that of the on-screen tutor. So if you aren’t quite keeping good form, you will be notified.

Heart rate and other stats are always logged along with your workouts on screen which really gives you a deeper sense of clarity in your workouts, as you feel in control and know exactly what’s going on. Ways to improve and ways to expand upon your ability set is all ingrained in the workouts and app.

With new workouts being added weekly, Wondercise is making itself one of the top exercise platforms on the planet, with all of the extra tech features keeping track and nudging you in the right direction. It is really something that needs to be experienced.

Wondercise – At Home

If you are missing the gym, frustrated that exercise is becoming a harder thing to keep up with during social distancing and quarantine, Wondercise is the way to go.
Helps you feel connected and healthy while sticking to all regulations at the moment, almost like having your own PT at home spurring you on and keeping track.

They have a 14 day free trial, which then costs just $3 per month if you subscribe for a year.

Find out more at www.wondercise.com

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