Gener8 Ads

A browser extension that pays you to see ads

Gener8 Ads

This is 2020, everywhere we go we are monitored, companies know more about us than we know about ourselves. Your daily browsing habits, your searches, your frequent online purchases. This is how they serve you those intrusive ads and try to groom you into spending money.

Gener8 ads wants to change that, they want YOU to be paid for YOUR data and time in the most unobtrusive way possible.

Over 30,000 people use their service daily, are you going to be next?

Gener8 Ads – Ads

So what is Gener8 Ads?

It is a browser extension for Chrome or Firefox that stops intrusive adverts on sites, where usually the website gets paid by brands to get your eyes on the advert, while you get nothing but annoyed.

Now Gener8 Ads shows you ads and pays YOU directly a portion of the proceeds, using adverts that fit neatly into your browsing without being FORCED upon you.

Every time you view an ad you are given points, these points are then able to be traded in on their marketplace for items, services and gift cards. You can also make charitable donations.

Gener8 Ads – Extension

The different things you can trade your points in for, range from various discount codes for popular brands such as JD Sports, SuperDry and Razer.

There are also actual products on the marketplace like Fitbit’s, Google Home Mini and Now TV Smart Stick.

The selection of items changes each month and more are added on an ongoing basis.
There are some staple giftcards that are there month after month such as different price brackets, for services like Netflix, Audible, Game, Spotify and Amazon.

On average a user will earn 5-10 points a day, 100 points = £9.99 in credit on their marketplace.
So within 10 days you could have almost £10 to spend on a gift card or save up towards a product.

I tested the marketplace and everything runs really smoothly and is super easy to navigate.
Ordered myself an Amazon gift card and immediately had the code ready to go!
Put it into my account, it was a breeze. Love it.

I’d highly suggest downloading it and giving it a go, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Gener8 Ads – Marketplace

Check out Gener8 Ads – HERE

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