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As someone who has multiple generations of family around him, I am always the person that everyone comes to for technical issues and advice.

Up till now, it has been a rough experience for many trying to adapt to smartphones, laptops, tablets, it is rather overwhelming for those of the older generation.

This is where GrandPad steps in to try and give those not comfortable with typical technology, an easy to use and guided experience into being able to enjoy the digital comforts most take for granted.

GrandPad – In Use

Key Features:

  • Super-Simple Interface (Easy For Any Age / Ability)
  • Keep in Contact w/ Loved Ones (Help Prevent Loneliness)
  • Remote Setup: Customise From Website / App Anywhere
  • Unlimited Personalised Support 24/7, Just One Button Away
  • Ideal For Those Who’d Struggle w/ iPhones / iPads etc.
  • No Need For WiFi (Unlimited 4G Internet Included)
  • Take Photos & Videos – Easily Share With Friends & Family
  • Unlimited Video Calls (See Them & Chat Simultaneously)
  • Unlimited Phone Calls (Speak to Loved Ones Anytime)
  • Unlimited Ad-Free Music Streaming w/ Easy-Listen Playlists
  • Email Included (Can Restrict Senders, so no Junk / Scams)
  • Web Browser: Restricted to Family-Selected Sites (Optional)
  • 18 FREE Games to Play (Inc. Word & Number Puzzles)
  • Picture Gallery w/ Slideshow Mode
  • Stay up to Date w/ News & Articles
  • Global Weather (Shows Weather in Family’s Locations)
  • Search The Internet, Encyclopedia or Dictionary With Ease
  • Useful Tools Like a Torch, Magnifying Glass & Calculator
  • Cable-Free Charging Cradle, Ideal For Arthritic Hands
  • No On/Off Button, Case Wakes up and Sleeps Device
  • FREE Folding Case & Stylus
  • Featured by BBC News, Evening Standard, Daily Mirror + More

So what is so special about GrandPad, first off you are not just buying a tablet, you are buying a service and an experience.

Yes you get a tablet and wireless charging dock (which is great so the elderly don’t have to fiddle with plugs and connectors). But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. GrandPad has a custom UI and software which is what makes it the easiest functioning tablet I have ever used.

Let’s go through what GrandPad offers in stages, first off, the smart design decisions that make the actual hardware friendly to any age.

GrandPad – Case

GrandPad is a comfortable size of around 8 inches, nice bright screen, has a smart magnetic case, meaning that all users have to do is close the case to turn the pad to standby or open it to carry on using.

Same for the wireless charger, the users don’t have to fiddle about with cables and putting a connector in, just slot it on the wireless charger and it a light comes on. Simple.

The less steps and hassle for elderly users the better, a lot of care seems to have been taken to make sure that is the focus across the whole experience.

Now onto the UI, I am pretty sure if you handed your grandparents your phone without any instruction and told them to go to your emails, they would have a hard time navigating with all those small icons stacked against each other.

GrandPad alleviates this issue with LARGE icons, less cluttered screens and nice simple to understand text and images.

GrandPad – Music

One thing that all families want is to be able to stay in contact with each other, luckily with emails, texts, video calls, phone calls, it’s all very easy for most. However the elderly will generally have more trouble with this, that’s another area that GrandPad takes by storm.

There are very simple to use apps built-in that allow the user to keep in contact with loved ones, through a simplified email system, unlimited direct phone calls to approved numbers, video calls from anywhere, as well as being able to send and received videos and photos simply.
It even has a built in private family social network feed, so it’s like a curated Facebook for those that just want to see what the family is up to.

All of those apps also allow you to restrict senders and callers if need be to stop scams / spam, which is a really big problem for many elderly nowadays with so many scammers looking for easy money from the vulnerable. It even has a family management website, where you can externally control what is available on the tablet and stuff like contacts / photo uploads.

There is also an unlimited Ad-Free music system in place that has some nicely categorised playlists for those who love the golden age of Sinatra or maybe a bit of Country.

Plus there are 18 FREE games installed like Word & Number puzzles, Solitaire, Blackjack, Slots, Four in a Row and many other classics. Good to keep a sharp mind.

Not to mention the News & Articles, neat weather app, useful tools like torch, magnifying glass and big number calculator. It’s really nice to see these features at the forefront for those in need.

This is all thanks to the Unlimited 4G Internet included with the subscription, meaning all of this can be done from anywhere, thanks to the Roaming sim in the device.

GrandPad – 24/7 Support

As you can see, GrandPad has a lot to offer but I think the real trump card here is the 24/7 Support that’s available at the touch of a button.

Not only will someone ALWAYS answer in 15 seconds or less, they user sees a picture of the agent and will be put through to the same support agent as much as possible so they can become familiar with each other. Also having the option of a video call if they want a visual link or want to see how to do something in real time.

This means if someone is stuck on how to do a certain task or wants any form of help, they can tap the red ‘Help‘ button and be put through to a real human quickly. There is no better service than that really.

GrandPad will also check in with a user if something unusual seems to be happening, like if they are constantly using the pad for a week then suddenly they don’t use it for a few days.
Little things like this really add a personal touch and make the user feel safe in the ecosystem.

I am not exactly the core demographic for this product, but as a tech guy, I have to say it is a nifty little package. The screen is sharp, colourful, extremely easy to swipe.
The wireless charger and magnetic case are a lovely touch.
Their UI is bright and engaging.
The fact that there is 24/7 assistance in particular is enticing.

As a test, I let my Grandmother and also my mother try it for a week.
They both fell in love with it. It was so easy to use, pick up and play style, no faffing around.
The fact that 24/7 support was on hand was a big point for them, as they hate having to ask family members for help usually as it’s bothersome.
So I’d say that’s a huge success.

GrandPad – Easy to use

So how much does this cost?
Well you can pick up the GrandPad from TechSilver for £479.94 (or £399.95 with VAT Relief).
There is also a monthly subscription however for the Unlimited 4G and 24/7 Support that starts from £31.95.

You get the following:

✅ Unlimited Super-Fast 4G Internet, so no need for WiFi and it can be used when out and about, as well as at home

✅ Unlimited 24/7 Personalised Support & Help at the touch of a button, based in native English-speaking countries

✅ Unlimited Advert-Free Music Streaming, and free downloads from over 30 million songs

✅ Unlimited Video & Phone Calling through GrandPad’s built in system, calling family & friends through their own device

✅ Unlimited Remote Access & Customisation through ‘GrandPad central’ management website & FREE App

✅ Unlimited Photo & Video Storage securely stored on the GrandPad cloud

✅ Accidental Damage Cover Insurance, GrandPad will replace your device if damaged, no questions asked.

How they do things differently…

 No Setup / Registration Fees

✅ No Long Contracts (Cancel Free Any Time)

✅ FREE Tracked 2 Day Delivery (UK & Ireland)

✅ Pay No VAT (VAT Relief Available)

✅ 100% Risk-Free Trial, try GrandPad for 30 days and get a full refund if not happy.

All this for only £31.95 / €34.95 per month (With VAT relief)

Overall, the concept is fantastic. It works well, really feels like a personal service and gives everyone that peace of mind.

In my opinion it might be a tad overpriced, when you add the base price with a years worth of subscription it ranks up there with many leading tablets. I think it would be better priced at around £299 – £350 with subscription or the current price but £14.99 – £19.99 subscription. But what sort of price can you put on family?

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