Duolink Speakerbuds

Three sound experiences for the price of one!

Duolink Speakerbuds

Today I am bringing you a very unique product, Duolink have launched their Speakerbuds on Kickstarter (hitting their goal in only 11 hours!).

They claim three solid sound experiences for the price of one, but does it live up to this claim?
Let’s find out.

Duolink Speakerbuds – Specs

Looking at the spec table above we can see the Speakerbuds are fairly light, have a good battery life, well rounded speaker and mic response and come with Bluetooth v5 which is far more reliable and stronger than previous versions. But what makes them unique?

Well thankfully they do have some nifty tricks up their sleeve.

Duolink Speakerbuds – Modes

The Duolink Speakerbuds are not just a set of wireless headphones in ‘Solo Mode’, they can be slotted into the charger body, this not only charges the buds but makes them act as stereo speakers in ‘Duo Mode’. Then once you want a louder more bassy sound, you can put the two halves together for ‘Party Mode’.

That’s a very interesting dynamic for a product in this category.

Most people have separate products for headphones, for stereo speaker configurations and then a portable party speaker. The Speakerbuds look to replace all three!
The question is can it do any of these WELL individually or as a package?

Duolink Speakerbuds – Switch

From my experience testing them out these last couple of weeks, they DO!
I’ve used them for music, calls, gaming, YouTube and even movies in a variety of ways and I’ve been thoroughly impressed.

In ‘Solo Mode’ as standard wireless headphones they are very comfortable in ear, have intelligent touch controls, a nice level of clarity & bass in their sound. Plus the AI Noise Cancellation microphones mean you can walk around in public and are still crisp on the other end of the phone.

They lasted around 5 and a half hours to 6 hours on my tests, then you can slot them into the speaker for a doubled life with only 1.5hr charge.

So as wireless headphones, they are good, but let’s be real that’s not THE reason you are buying THIS set.

Duolink Speakerbuds – Modes in Use

Now we know the wireless headphone part is on par with others in this price range, what about the KEY selling feature of adaptability in speaker modes?

I was also impressed and enjoyed using the Speakerbuds in both the speaker modes.

In ‘Duo Mode’, you place the earbuds in each half of the speaker and can move them apart to get a better sound stage.
So this could be using them for yourself to listen to movies or YouTube videos and you get real natural stereo separation which DOES make a big difference to the viewing experience.

The speakers are clean and sound good in ‘Duo Mode’, you get decent highs / mids and even a little bass, although not as much as in the next mode.

‘Duo Mode’ is probably gonna be used by mates who want to share sound across a room or someone who wants to watch something in a slightly more cinematic way. It excels with YouTube videos as it has a nice focus on vocal ranges.

That brings us onto ‘Party Mode’ which is as simple as placing the two halves of the speaker together, they lock in nicely with magnets and you end up with a bassy, louder speaker experience that can fill a room with smooth music.

The ‘Party Mode’ got a couple of uses in the extremely sunny days we had in the UK the last week or so. Placing it on a bench in the middle of everyone, we all had lovely background music for the BBQ.

It definitely sounds even louder than the ‘Duo Mode’ and has a more natural bass response, this is the mode I’d use personally for any music, it just sounds the best overall.

Duolink Speakerbuds – Speaker modes

Overall the Duolink Speakerbuds are innovative and well crafted.
They excel not only as good wireless headphones, but as good wireless stereo speakers for a cinematic or sharing experience and also a party speaker for those family / friend gatherings.

I had rock solid wireless connection, beautiful soundstage for speakers this size and the earbuds were extremely comfortable for multi-hour use.

Honestly don’t know what else you could ask for in a product in this price range.
Thoroughly impressed.

You can check them out at the link below and put in your order if you so wish!


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