ABOX Muscle Massage Gun

ABOX massage machine helps to relieve tight muscles, soreness, and stiff backs.
How well does it work?

ABOX Muscle Massage Gun – Training

Due to modern sedentary lifestyles, people are getting aches and pains more than ever, even those who stay fit will tell you just how bad post workout soreness is.
Many pay to see massage therapists or have expensive relaxation getaways, but what if you could get a similar relief from your very own home?

The ABOX Muscle Massage Gun focuses on deep tissue massage that accelerates your circulation via impact massage and quickly dissipates the lactic acid produced after exercise. Which also helps relieve tension and knots in your muscles.

This can be used in many ways, from just a relaxing slow massage, all the way up to an impactful accelerated workout massage.

ABOX Muscle Massage Gun – Main

The ABOX Muscle Massage Gun comes with 8 head attachments, a carry case, plug charger and ofcourse the gun itself.

Everything seems to be of good build quality, made out of durable plastic with a good heft and weight to them.
The massage gun itself weighs around 1kg and feels solid, I cannot fault it.

Each of the heads given are for certain muscle groups, but I generally either use the ball head or rubberised impact head as these are for various areas. Even with just these, I’d be rather happy, they provide a nice even pressure.

It also has a large battery life, averaging between 3 and 5 hours on a full charge, depending on the speeds used. So more than enough for ANY session.

ABOX Muscle Massage Gun – Speeds

The ABOX Muscle Massage Gun has 30 speeds in all, ranging from 1200 – 3300 RPM/min, each speed is meant to have a certain distinct advantage and use, but I generally just go by what is feeling best at that moment.

It starts off incredibly slow with it’s 12mm Amplitude (best for dispersing lactic acid) pushing into your muscles at a leisurely pace, but ramps up to an incredibly quick speed that makes it a blur to the naked eye.

These speeds are accessed via the + and – buttons on the touch buttons on the rear, this is accompanied by a simple power button and two LCD screens that show both a battery indicator level and the selected speed.

Considering the speed that this device can reach, it’s incredibly quiet, mostly thanks to it’s ‘Quiet Glide’ technology and good quality brushless motor. You will hear it but it’s not displeasing or obnoxiously loud.

ABOX Muscle Massage Gun – Muscles

I’ve currently used this for about 2 weeks and I have to say, it’s a brilliant little gadget for those of us suffering with back / neck pain due to work or for shifting the painful lactic acid at the end of some exercise.

The pressure and pulsating of the unit is just right, not so light that it tickles but not so hard that it absolutely obliterates you. It’s a comfortable pleasure/pain hybrid so you can tell it’s working and gradually get’s more relaxing, the more you use it.

It’s simple to use on yourself or rope in a friend / family member to help out, as it’s quite a fun process in general using a super speedy massager on someones skin! It just glides along.

If you need a massage regularly, you should DEFINITELY look at the ABOX Muscle Massage Gun.
It’s available on Amazon from £99.99 – HERE


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