LUME Panel Mini

The Lume Cube Panel Mini is a credit-card-sized, portable, adjustable bicolor LED Light for Content Creation. Is it any good?

LUME Panel Mini


  • 1% – 100% Brightness Adjustability (in 5% increments)
  • Full Spectrum LED Light
  • 3200k – 5600k color adjustability (in 100k unit increments)
  • Built-in Intelligent LCD Display showing brightness, color temp, and ERT (Estimated run time)
  • Adjustable Dial for Increasing/decreasing brightness and color temp
  • USB Type C Charging
  • Dual 1/4″ 20 tripod mounts (Bottom and Side)
  • Frosted lens for soft diffusion
  • Silicon White Diffuser inside the box
  • 60 premium LED’s for high powered bi-color adjustability

LUME Panel Mini – Main

As you guys and girls know, I am a big fan of LUME Cube and their products in general, they focus on what creators want / need and listen to their community. Pretty much all of their products are rock solid and good value for money.
Does this Panel Mini live up to the brand?

Simply put, Yes.
Now let me tell you why.

First off, it’s such a well designed portable package, it’s the size of a credit card, slim, metallic, lightweight but sturdy. It’s one of the main reasons LUME is so well known, the smart small form factors of their equipment for those on the go.

Considering that portability, it’s a little powerhouse! It puts out a very bright high CRI light that not only gives more realistic colours in your photos / videos but thanks to the included double diffuser, it gives a pleasing falloff which will work particularly well for VLoggers and creators.

LUME Panel Mini – Included

I’m also so glad we are all making the slow progression towards USB-C charging, it’s just so convenient and compared to the ALWAYS breaking micro-usb, it’s great to see.
Faster charging, universal compatibility and more sturdy, what’s not to like?

You also get a mini camera shoe mount to put on your camera or other hot/cold shoes.
It’s pretty much everything you need to throw in your bag and be ready to shoot.

LUME Panel Mini – Controls

On a full charge, the Panel Mini will last 1 hr 20 minutes on 100% brightness, and over 14 HOURS on 1% brightness! I actually used this between 5% and 10% for my livestreams and it’s still bright!

It’s super easy to adjust to the perfect amount also by using the handy little adjustment dial that goes up in 5% increments. Meaning you can use it as a makeshift main light or even on lower power as accent lights.

I’m also really liking this button and menu configuration LUME are using, a simple power / toggle button and a simple up and down rocker.
It let’s you turn the unit on, toggle between brightnes, then colour temperature, in a really intuitive and simple way.

Overall this light cannot be beat at this price, it’s well built, bright, high CRI, portable, hard wearing and adjustable. I would wholeheartedly recommend this to content creators.

The LUME Panel Mini costs $59.95 and is available HERE.

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