Reka Rugged Powerbank

The Rugged Powerbank of your dreams?

Reka Rugged Powerbank

In a world of tech, power on demand is pretty much a necessity.
So does the Reka provide a worthy solution?

First off this thing is built like a TANK! It feels like a solid block that you could whack someone over the head with in a pinch. Not to mention it’s fully waterproof, rubberised and fairly light all things considered.

Reka Rugged Powerbank – Outdoors

It is a 20100mAh capacity battery, which is more than enough to charge a large phone many times over. Not to mention it can charge tablets and laptops if needed.

Comes with dual USB ports that have quick charge, a micro USB input and a USB Type C in/out.
So you are pretty much covered on all corners. They are covered by a rubber stopper to prevent water also.

You can see how much charge you have by pressing the neat Hexagonal button on the top face, which displays 4 LEDs ranging from 0 – 100%.

If you hold down that button you also get access to a torch, which for someone who likes camping or the outdoors is a HUGE bonus, it’s rather bright too! Would pretty much last you days I think.

Reka Rugged Powerbank – Portable

Overall a solid powerbank with style, more utility than needed and extremely rugged.
Whether you are on adventures outdoors or just need a gym back charger, this is definitely one to look at!


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