The next generation thin LED light


Now this is a new area for LUME Cube to extend into, the flatter PANEL based lineup.
So how did they do? Well I have to say first off, FANTASTICALLY.


  • Color Temperature: 3200K – 5600K
  • Brightness Range 5%-100%, adjustable by 5% increments
  • Max Brightness: 1600 Lux @ .5M
  • Run Time on 5% Brightness: 7.5 Hours
  • Run Time on 50% Brightness: 3 Hours
  • Run Time on 100% Brightness: 90 Minutes
  • Rechargeable via Micro USB and USB-C
  • Built-In Li-Polymer Battery: 4040mAh

As you can see from those basic stats, it’s VERY versatile.
You can adjust colour temperature from a cooler look to a warm natural look, adjust brightness in 5% increments and even charge your USB devices or phone, as it functions as a powerbank!

LUME Cube PANEL – Back

The design of the PANEL is ergonomic, super simple to understand and rather sturdy.
While it is not waterproof or AS durable as the Lume Cube 2.0, it is the thinnest LED panel out there and made of metal with tactile buttons and a pretty LCD screen, it’s gorgeous.

One thing I really appreciate is the stunning LCD on the back, it gives you an accurate reading of battery level, as well as the amount of running time you’ll have left at the current power.
So if you have 10 minutes left at 100%, you just switch it down to 25% and get an immediate look at how long you’d have left now, super helpful!

There are only 3 buttons on the unit, one is power and a selector button, the other 2 buttons are just + and – buttons, so ANYONE can easily understand this.

LUME Cube Panel – Charging

The PANEL can also be used as a powerbank, which means you can pull it out of your bag, plug in your phone or any USB device and charge them while simultaneously actually USING the light.
You can also charge it while using it, which gives you infinite run time.
That’s so badass!

You have the option of charging it via USB-C or Micro-USB, however I’d advise using USB-C ofcourse for the best charging performance.

LUME Cube PANEL – Accessories

The PANEL comes with a diffuser, charging cables, a pouch and a hot shoe adapter.
Gives you everything you need to integrate it into your kit nicely.

So it is nicely designed, got great features, but how is the actual light quality?

Glad to say AMAZING, it has a CRI of 96+ and due to the larger surface area of the flat panel style, the light is lovely and soft over a wider area.
It makes a good key light, as well as accent light when at lower powers, without being too harsh.

Would have absolutely no qualms about using this in a photographic or video capacity, whether that’s directly mounted to your setup or placed around the scene.
You have alot of variation thanks to the diffused nature of the light and the colour temperature adjustments. Not to mention you could gel these up if you wanted.

Time for my final thoughts, great bit of kit, stunning light, nice build quality, fantastic LCD setup and super portable. For £159.99, you can’t go wrong.


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