Capsulier Lite

The World’s First Single-push, Reusable, Mess-free Capsule Maker

Capsulier Lite

Why You Need Capsulier?

The perfect cup of coffee or tea in the morning can set the mood for the rest of your day. With Capsulier, you won’t need to rely on store-bought coffees or the local barista for your daily fix. Make your own flawless beverage, right at home.

Make Fresh Coffee Pods at Home

Nothing beats a fresh cup of coffee in the morning. Pod-based coffees are a great alternative to expensive high-street coffee without any of the of the chalky bitterness of instant. And while the original brand coffee pods are expensive and wasteful, with Capsulier you can make pods at home.

Quick and Simple, just like your Capsule Machine

Load the roasted and ground beans into the Capsulier, close the lid, and push the lever, you’ll have a capsule ready for use in under ten seconds. With Capsulier, you can create your own custom blend capsule with beans and spices of your choosing. This is coffee at its best, its

No Mess, Better Coffee

The Capsulier streamlines capsule creation and features a removable drip tray to keep this stainless-steel design in pristine condition throughout its use.

Consistent, just like a Barista

The Capsulier yields a capsule that’s consistent and flavourful. Enjoy every cup, with the irresistible aroma and luscious smoothness of the best barista-level brew.

Unlimited Choice in Crafting your Capsule

Create your own custom blends with spices, tea leaves, or a mix of coffee grounds of your choosing. There’s nothing to stop you except your own creativity.

Save Money, Better Coffee

Reusable pods mean that once you’ve invested in a Capsulier, you have a lifetime of the original brand coffee pods ahead of you. Buy exactly the kind of coffee bean you like — simply load your selection into the Capsulier — and discover an infinitely more economical way to enjoy coffee.

Save the Planet with Reusable CAPS

Our stainless steel pods are reusable and washable — each pod should last the lifetime of your machine. No waste!

Capsulier Lite – Capsule

As an avid coffee drinker, I love the idea of ANYTHING to do with Tech and Coffee, especially ones that are ethically positive towards saving the planet.
This is where the Capsulier Lite comes in.

If you use many of the popular single use pod coffee machines, then you will know that you can get through SO many of them in a fairly short period of time and they are EXPENSIVE!

Not only that, but the amount of plastic and packaging that is wasted in the process is rather obscene. It’s something most people never really think about, but if you added up the amount of packaging waste from a years worth of single use pods, you’d be horrified.

So how do we combat this issue? Well with the Capsulier Lite you can make your OWN single use pods! No more packaging waste, it takes hardly any time and you can customise your own blends.

Capsulier Lite – Indoors

The machine looks so cute, takes up hardly any spaces and is super easy to use.
You place the metal re-usable pod into the machine till it clicks. Fill the top with the grounds, pull the handle up to release the appropriate amount, then twist it down to compact it.
You might want to gently compact it a couple of times to secure it.
Then bam, you remove the pod, seal it and you are ready to go!

It’s a remarkably quick and simple process once you know how.

Fits in the respective machines perfectly and leaves the pod to be re-used after a quick rinse.

If you are a keen coffee drinker, want to help save the planet and save yourself a ton of money, you should definitely check out the Capsulier Lite!


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