Skullcandy Sesh \ True Wireless Earbuds

Truly Wireless, Perfectly Simple

Skullcandy Sesh \ True Wireless Earbuds

AFFORDABLE TRUE WIRELESS: Earbuds with absolutely zero wires (commonly known as “true wireless”) have typically been the most expensive. Sesh offers this state-of-the-art technology at a price nearly anyone can swallow.

HOURS OF POWER: The batteries in Sesh earbuds last 3 hours, which is ideal for leisure listening, working out or studying. The charging case holds 7 more hours of playtime before needing to be plugged in.

FIT FOR LESS NOISE: The noise-isolating design and three different size silicone gets comfortably seal out ambient sound to keep your music pure.

CONTROL WITHOUT CORDS: Take calls, change volume or tracks, and even activate your digital assistant with just one finger.

EASY AS IT GETS: Pairing Sesh to devices is simple right out of the box. And using one button, you can pause/ play music, adjust volume up/ down, track forward/ back, and answer/ end calls without ever touching your device.

Skullcandy Sesh \ True Wireless Earbuds – Features

Wireless headphones are fairly typical nowadays, ranging from cheap bluetooth sets on Amazon, up to Apple AirPods Pro.
However within that rather diverse range, there are a lot of stinkers. You typically find cheap pairs that either sound ok but are unreliable, or reliable pairs that just sound terrible.

Skullcandy are pretty much a household name by now, so how do their Sesh \ True Wireless Earbuds fair?

Skullcandy Sesh \ True Wireless Earbuds – Case

First off, they look and feel great, they feel solid but are also rather light so they do not bother you once inserted.

They also look quite cool, with the Skullcandy logo on the exterior and a fairly flush fit to your ear. Nice smooth finish on the external buttons, which you can use for volume control, track skipping and a variety of things.

Left is down / back, right is up / forward, with either a single press, double press or long press you can activate the different functions, takes a bit of getting used to but once you got it down it’s easy.

Once they are in, the noise isolation is very good, cutting you off from the surrounding noisy world to bathe in the glow of your music at the gym, or snuggle up under a blanket with your favourite podcast or audio book.

Speaking of the gym, these are also IP55 rated, meaning they are sweat, water and dust resistant, so no worries about ruining them in your typical situations.

Skullcandy Sesh \ True Wireless Earbuds – Colours

The battery life I experienced was around 2.5 hours typically, which is MORE than enough for most people in a typical sitting. Plus if you add to the fact, they have a charging case that houses them when not on use AND recharges them for 7+ more hours of use, you’ll be absolutely fine. It also puts them into automatic pairing mode, so no pain of that process.

Just make sure to charge the case every couple of days and you are good for many hours of entertainment.

I found the bluetooth to be rock solid, only experienced one small dropout over a week, which is pretty much a non-issue but worth noting.

Overall, they sound good, look smart, are easy to use and have many hours of use thanks to that charging case. Not much you can moan about really.

Priced at £49.99 and with the Skullcandy name associated, you should check them out.


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