Creative SXFI Air

Creative SXFI Air

If you are an avid follower of the magazine, then you know we have reviewed Creative products in the past and they have surpassed expectation, but does the SXFI Air live up to the rest of the product lineup?

The quick answer is yes, now let me tell you why!

First impressions are FANTASTIC, the design and feel of the headphones is awesome.
From the textured cushioned headband, to the smooth finish on the exterior of the cups, down to the super soft encompassing earcups, screams quality.

You also have RGB strips around the ear cup that light up when powered on as well as for various things in the app.

These are wireless headphones that connect via Bluetooth, but also have USB and even SD Card Connectivity. Meaning you can use them on phones, tablets, consoles, TVs or even standalone.


As with the other headphones in the recent Creative lineup, the SXFI Air has their holographic audio technology built in.

What exactly does that mean? Well using a phone app it gets you to take photos of your head as well as each ear, then uses it’s algorithm to generate a 3D unique head map which it configures the sound of the headphones and allow you to have extra spacial sound.

The more precise tuning for head size / ear size, helps to give increased dynamics for your specific structure, you can then also do scans of other peoples heads so that they have their own specific profile.
In my experience it works REALLY well with music, gaming and movies.

It adds an extra dynamic and ‘air‘ to the sounds, giving you a feeling of space that is unrivalled in this range.

Personally I really like using it with classical music and music that have instrumental solos, it really gives you the feel of being there live, thanks to the sweet 50mm drivers.

Creative SXFI Air – Outdoors

The sound, in my experience rivals that of more expensive headsets in this range.
That’s just for the pure ability of the headphones, but not many come close when SXFI is turned on. It’s an effect that is not really replicable.

I was also a fan of the touch controls, whereby you use certain gestures on the exterior of the earcup to skip songs, volume up and down, although I did accidentally skip a song or two to begin with.

Add to that, the gorgeous aesthetic and connectivity that the SXFI Air gives, at this price point, it’s a pure winner. Will be using these for my chill music sessions!

I wholeheartedly recommend them and you should check them out below.


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