Summer Roundup 2019

Morph Magazine – Summer Roundup 2019

The Summer of 2019 has been an interesting space for product releases and especially for me as a reviewer, items from many spaces were available and here is a large selection of what I experienced and tested this Summer.

Some more are still coming as they are in the works, but this is just a little roundup of each review, use the headings below to skip to each product.

Review List:

Alcatel 3 (2019)

Alcatel 3 (2019)

Experience optimal performance on a Super Full View Display 
A powerful core, Snapdragon chipset, long-lasting battery and radiant design, Alcatel 3 has both style and substance. Its powerful dual rear camera with AI and AR technology gives you the high-quality photos you crave, while its HD+ Super Full View Display delivers you a screen perfect for viewing, streaming and sharing.

Alcatel HD+ Super Full View Display
See the bigger picture with Alcatel 3’s 5.9-inch HD+ Super Full View Display. A maximized screen with an 88.4 percent screen-to-body ratio* gives you the ideal display for everything you want to do. See photos, stream movies, play games and browse the web in vivid clarity.

Dynamic performance
Experience a maximum-performance device with Alcatel 3. An Octa-Core, Snapdragon chipset and sizable RAM and ROM ensure you a smooth experience. Its 3500mAh battery provides the power to run it all, keeping Alcatel 3 going throughout the day.

Brilliant imaging
Get the most out of your pictures with Alcatel 3’s 13 + 5MP (interpolated to 16MP + 5MP) dual camera. Equipped with AI scene detection, it gives you the ideal settings to instantly optimize the shooting of 21 different photo subjects including portraits, plants, animals, shows, food and more. You can ensure your photo looks exactly as you imagined before and after you take the picture with both real-time bokeh and post-shot refocus.

AR emojis
Create animated versions of yourself with Alcatel’s Face Recognition technology and express yourself to those closest to you.

Achieve maximum radiance with Alcatel 3’s premium design. It features silky smooth 2.5D glass, a metallic frame and gleaming gradient shine casing, so you’ll always look your best no matter your destination.

Rapid Secure access
Face key and a fingerprint sensor offer swift and secure access to your phone. Open your Alcatel 3 with immediate ease with Face Key’s 30 degree detection radius, 196 high-precision facial key points and an unlock time of 0.5 seconds. Assign custom fingerprints to apps and launch them immediately with a single tap of the fingerprint sensor.

OS – Android™ 8.1 Oreo™, upgradable to Android™ 9.0 Pie™
CPU – SDM439 Octa-Core, 4xA53, 1.8GHz + 4xA53, 1.4GHz
DISPLAY – 5.9” 19.5:9 Super Full View Display Resolution: HD+ 720×1560 pixels Dragontrail 2.5D glass
DESIGN – Dimensions: 151.1 x 69.7 x 7.99mm
Weight: 145g
Finish: Gradient shine casing
BATTERY – Capacity: 3500mAh Talk time: 28 hours (2G), 21 hours (3G), 18 hours (4G) Standby time: 900 hours (2G), 950 hours (3G), 900 hours (4G) Charging time: 4 hours 20 minutes

Alcatel 3 (2019) Back

As a previous user of the Alcatel series of phones, I have seen first hand that they are striving to bring quality products to the market without overstepping their bounds at their pricepoint. Instead they focus on bringing good hardware and non-bloated software to the market at an affordable price.

The 2019 edition of the Alcatel 3 carries on this tradition, adding AI and AR technology to a beautiful Full view display and well managed photos via their 13 + 5mp dual camera setup. While they may not win any awards compared to the flagships, it is actually pretty good overall and fits at the higher end of this price bracket.

Alcatel 3 (2019) – Full view

Alcatel has done a great job on the design, with a slick body, full view screen and a premium finish and feel to the phone. It’s light, has great gradient colours on the back, lightning fast fingerprint reader and even face detection unlock.

One of the only things that bugged me was that the automatic screen brightness was a little bit off in some situations, but that’s not a big deal when you can turn it off anyway.
Also personally the AR Emojis are FAR from the iPhone standard stuff, so just be sure to remember it has it’s limits.

Priced at £149.95, Alcatel should be on your radar if you are looking for a budget phone with style.


Gtech AirRam Multi K9 System

Gtech AirRam Multi K9 System

For homes with pets, we’ve combined the cleaning performance of our AirRam K9 and Multi K9. With aluminium reinforcements, scented tabs and multitasking attachments, this bundle is ideal for busy households. These vacuums share 1 interchangeable charger.

Pet vacuum cleaner with an enhanced powered brush head
Whether it’s enough fluff and hair on your carpet to create a life sized model of your four legged friend or just added dirt and debris around your home, pets create extra cleaning jobs.

The powered rotating brush bar works alongside our unique AirLOC system to pick up large debris from the surface as you push forwards, and sucks up embedded dust and pet hair on the backstroke.

For homes with pets, we’ve combined the cleaning performance of our AirRam K9 and Multi K9. With aluminium reinforcements, scented tabs and multitasking attachments, this bundle is ideal for busy households. These vacuums share 1 interchangeable charger.

Strengthened pet vacuum cleaner
What makes a vacuum cleaner better equipped for dealing with pets? We’ve improved the robustness of this vacuum by using aluminium in crucial areas, helping it withstand the extra strain that pets can place on cleaning schedules. Despite making it extra tough, we’ve kept things simple. Our upright pet vacuum cleaner gives you more time to focus on the joys of pet owning.

Long runtime
Forget everything you thought you knew about cordless products. Powered by a 22V Lithium-ion battery, this vacuum cleaner for pet hair delivers up to 40 minutes of runtime* with each 4 hour charge. With a handy 4 stage LED display indicating how much charge is left in the battery, you’ll be able to plan your sprucing session with our cordless vacuum for pet hair.

Our versatile handheld pet vacuum cleaner
The Gtech Multi K9 comes with a range of attachments to help you keep your busy home clean. From the power brush head to the handy crevice tool, this vacuum is designed to delve deep and tackle the added mess of pet owning. We’ve added a 36cm long extension tube that lets you clean higher up without stretching, and lower down without stooping. The dusting brush offers cleaning performance on upholstery as well as your car interior.

Gtech AirRam K9

As someone who has seen the advertisements on TV and always thought it looked great but didn’t know if a vacuum cleaner could warrant such an expense (while I use my 2nd hand, no name that cuts out every 5 minutes and drives me nuts), it was going to be an interesting experience for me trying out what I consider the ‘premium‘ brands of home cleaning.

I have to honestly tell you, quite simply, IT IS WORTH THE MONEY.
Just hands down, after using the Gtech AirRam Multi K9 System, it is an incredible bit of tech and absolutely changes how you feel when cleaning your home.

I’ve always been one who would put off hoovering as much as possible because this ratty old unit I was using did a pretty terrible job and made it twice as difficult.
Even newer units I have bought on the medium end of the price scale, just did not do a satisfying job. Always having to hand pick up bits that would not be sucked up or were just a pain in the backside to get to.

Gtech AirRam K9 – Angles

This has all changed, I feel like I’m using a futuristic bit of tech that just WORKS.
Whether it’s removing the standard grub that makes it’s way onto the floor like dust, crumbs, bits of cereal from the morning, or pet hair.
The Gtech system just obliterates it and chews it up no problem. Haven’t found a single thing day to day that it will not clear on it’s first pass.

Also in regards to the AirRam K9 I’m loving the ball head like movement where you tilt the handle and you can curve around or even under objects, get into little nooks that you would usually have to lift and drag it into.
None of that bulky stiff movement of the old standard hoovers.

Another great feature is the fact that both vacuums are wireless, that is SO freeing.
Simply plug in the battery, 4 hours or so later, the green LEDs let you know that you are ready to go. Unplug the battery, slot it in and away you go. Could not be easier.

With the AirRam K9 you get around 40 minutes or so per charge (MORE than you’d ever need to clean your house really) while the handy smaller brother Multi K9 get’s around 20 minutes, pretty nifty.

Gtech AirRam Multi K9 System

Both vacuums come with LEDs to help make sure you get everything you need, with a strip along the front of the AirRam K9, and a forward facing strong light on the Multi K9, meaning you don’t really have an excuse for missing any of that pet hair on the carpet anymore.
It easily illuminates it and casts shadows that really let you see any small objects or specks that you may usually miss with the naked eye, very handy.

Few other features of both cleaners I like are the scented tabs you can place within them that helps combat that ‘pet‘ smell that inevitably creeps in to pet households, they leave a subtle flowery scent that just smells ‘fresh‘.

Plus the interchangable filters are very easy to dispose of and insert, as well as the collection bins that you simply slot out, tap a button and empty without any hinderence.
Leaving all the mucky business out of your hands.

Now I’ve spoken primarily about the AirRam K9 and features that are on both units, but what about specifically the Gtech Multi K9?

Gtech Multi K9 – Carpet

This is a compact hand held unit but doesn’t lack in power. Using the Gtech design is nothing short of pleasant, from the power brush head, to the neat crevice tool or extending arm that allows you to get those nasty cobwebs on the ceiling or hard to reach areas.
I can’t really fault it, I’ll be honest I wasn’t expecting much when I heard it was wireless and saw just how small it was in person but it blew me away.

It cleans extremely well, just as good as the AirRam K9 but in a smaller portable form factor, I can see myself using this for furniture, my keyboard and electronics, the car, getting down cobwebs and getting into the grooves that are just too small for the main unit.

Gtech Multi K9 – Keyboard

Gtech has done something special with this bundle and changed my mind on what the ‘standard‘ should be for vacuum quality.

Power, elegance and ease of use, design and usability crafted to near perfection.
I would have no hesitation in recommending this, while it may seem a higher price to pay, you really do get what you pay for in this instance.
BIG thumbs up from me.

The K9 bundle is priced at £349.98 with free delivery.
Find out more –

Scruffs Casablanca Dog Mattress and Bed

Scruffs Casablanca Dog Mattress and Bed

Scruffs® Casablanca collection can be used all year round, but is particularly suited for use during the summer months. Designed with a Mediterranean theme, the beds are upholstered in a soft breathable poly-cotton fabric and finished with a self-coloured piping & Scruffs® TPR logo.

The Casablanca pet mattress has an integral fill, secured to the outer cover to improve durability during washing. These beds are filled with a 100% recycled
green-fibre, providing unmatched cushioning, resilience and insulation characteristics.

The full bed is machine washable on a gentle 30 degree wash, only using a mild detergent. Do not bleach or tumble dry.

Now we all love our pets, whether it’s a cute little kitten or a big old Great Dane, so we should show them a little of that love in the form of comfort.
This is where Scruffs comes in with their gorgeous Casablanca Mattress and Bed, so whether you have a little kitty, Chihuaha or a giant of a dog, they have you covered.

Beds and Mattresses come in various sizes and colours to suit the animal and your decor.
They have this lovely Mediterranean pattern and feel really luxurious, good enough for any human, let alone your pets!

A breathable fabric and super cushioned insides, makes it a comfy bed for those winter nights as well as those warm summer evenings.

Scruffs Casablanca Dog Mattress and Bed – Baby

We put one mattress and one bed down for our kitty ‘Nala‘ and her little friend ‘Baby‘, they both share the larger mattress, while Baby has laid claim to the smaller bed, it’s a struggle getting them off it (unless we shake that food!).

They absolutely love them and I don’t blame them, great quality and a nice treat for our furry friends.

The large mattress retails for £54.99 and the bed at £39.99.

Check them out –

Pyro Pet – Voffi Berry

Pyro Pet – Voffi Berry

Pyro Pet have quite a cool little trick, they are not just beautifully molded 20-hour burn time candles bevelled in animal shapes, but as they burn down they reveal a metal skeleton keepsake.

This has been currently burning in our lounge for the last 10 or so hours, almost at the halfway mark, with the skull and spine of the skeleton showing and I must say it looks REALLY cool! Way different to any candle I’ve owned or seen on display.

Pyro Pet – Voffi Berry – Skeleton

Priced at £27, I have to say £27 for a candle is a higher price than I’d usually consider but you do get a cool keepsake and for an animal lover it is a good shout as a present.

If you like the look of this special candle or any of their other animal types, head on over to their website with your £27 at hand.

Find out more –

Cableguys Marvel Iron Man

Cableguys Marvel Iron Man

As an avid gamer, I ADORE these style of controller or phone holders.
This one is officially licensed merchandise and it looks great, well moulded and painted.
It looks really cool when holding an Xbox One controller I have to say, plus it comes with a 2m charging cable which slots inbetween his hands.

Great present for a gamer or Marvel enthusiast, looks lovely on a shelf and is something I’m sure that any fan will want to show off.

Currently priced at £26 or so on Amazon –

Meta Merch – Marvel Infinity Stone Glasses – The Hulk, Thor and Groot

Meta Merch – Marvel Infinity Stone Glasses – The Hulk, Thor and Groot

Now these are an item that I loved unboxing and seeing.
I’m a huge Marvel fan and these look SO NICE, especially in person, picture doesn’t do it justice.
Vibrant, bulky and moulded finely, each representing their respective hero, Green for The Hulk, Purple for Groot and Yellow for the God of Thunder Thor Himself.

Each glass has the name of the hero on the reverse and a motif of their fists on the front, aiming for the sky in traditional superhero style. Fills to a nice 495ml holding capacity.

It’s a pleasure to fill these up with your favourite beverage on a Summers eve, plus a niche talking point.

Priced at only £12.99 they are a steal in my eyes, definite keepsake.

Find out more HERE

BabyToLove – Learning Cubes

BabyToLove – Learning Cubes

Currently at that time in my life where everybody seems to be having babies, they are our future ofcourse, so let’s start them off on the right foot.

These learning cubes house different animals, numbers, shapes and patterns along their faces, which is fantastic to get their little minds expanding.

They are extra soft, grippy and have a pronounced 3D tactility that is easy for babies and toddlers to get their hands on.

Only £19.95, a small price to pay for our next generation!

Find out more –

Ion8 Leak Proof Flask and Bottle

Ion8 Leak Proof Flask and Bottle

The Ion8 Leak proof bottle has become a daily driver drink bottle for me, it has a very smooth flow (no spluttering fast drinking here), one touch button that automatically flicks the lid open which makes one handed operation super easy.

Also holds an ample 1 Litre of water or juice drink, great to keep hydrated throughout the day.

It has a nice wrist wrap for those who like to walk / jog / run and has a nice smooth finish to the bottle with grippy lid, making filling fast and flexible.

For those drinks we really want to keep hot or alternatively cold, there is the Ion8 Leak proof flask which keeps hot stuff piping for 12 hours or cold stuff chilly for 24 hours.
Holding a respectable 500ml, more than most cups of tea!

Sweat and condensation proof means you won’t get any water rings too!
It also has a cool one twist cap that securely tightens with one hand and does the reverse too.

Made from Thermoshield double walled vacuum insulated 18/8 stainless steel, means you get a BPA free reusable refillable insulated stainless steel bottle shaped flask. I like it!

£15.99 for the water bottle and £13.99 for the flask.

Find out about the Water Bottle HERE

Or the Flask HERE

ZeroWater Portable

ZeroWater Portable

Clean fresh water with zero impurities seems like a pipedream for most people, it’s not only a third world concern, there are impurities everywhere in modern day plumbing and water systems.

We have previously tried the ZeroWater filter system and jugs, which give you INSANELY clean water free of such impurities, however you can’t really lug a large jug about for day to day drinking.

This is where the new ZeroWater Portable comes in, it’s a 769ml tumbler that comes equipped with their patented 5-stage Ion Exchange Filter and a rigid drinking straw.

The textured grippy lid makes it easy to remove, which opens you up to the main recess where the filter is inserted, this is filled then slowly trickles out purified water into the large shell. Which is where the straw is inserted so you only get the cleanest water.

As previously mentioned in our other review, you can TASTE the difference, this is very much a normal tap water vs purified bottled water effect. It feels more sterile.

Priced at £14.99, I think that’s a decent price to put on something you’ll use to keep hydrated AND remove impurities daily.
Ofcourse you do have to replace filters over time, which for a pack of 2 is priced at £14.99. So remember that upkeep when taking it into consideration!

Find out more –

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