Gtech AirRam Multi K9 System

Gtech AirRam Multi K9 System

For homes with pets, we’ve combined the cleaning performance of our AirRam K9 and Multi K9. With aluminium reinforcements, scented tabs and multitasking attachments, this bundle is ideal for busy households. These vacuums share 1 interchangeable charger.

Pet vacuum cleaner with an enhanced powered brush head
Whether it’s enough fluff and hair on your carpet to create a life sized model of your four legged friend or just added dirt and debris around your home, pets create extra cleaning jobs.

The powered rotating brush bar works alongside our unique AirLOC system to pick up large debris from the surface as you push forwards, and sucks up embedded dust and pet hair on the backstroke.

For homes with pets, we’ve combined the cleaning performance of our AirRam K9 and Multi K9. With aluminium reinforcements, scented tabs and multitasking attachments, this bundle is ideal for busy households. These vacuums share 1 interchangeable charger.

Strengthened pet vacuum cleaner
What makes a vacuum cleaner better equipped for dealing with pets? We’ve improved the robustness of this vacuum by using aluminium in crucial areas, helping it withstand the extra strain that pets can place on cleaning schedules. Despite making it extra tough, we’ve kept things simple. Our upright pet vacuum cleaner gives you more time to focus on the joys of pet owning.

Long runtime
Forget everything you thought you knew about cordless products. Powered by a 22V Lithium-ion battery, this vacuum cleaner for pet hair delivers up to 40 minutes of runtime* with each 4 hour charge. With a handy 4 stage LED display indicating how much charge is left in the battery, you’ll be able to plan your sprucing session with our cordless vacuum for pet hair.

Our versatile handheld pet vacuum cleaner
The Gtech Multi K9 comes with a range of attachments to help you keep your busy home clean. From the power brush head to the handy crevice tool, this vacuum is designed to delve deep and tackle the added mess of pet owning. We’ve added a 36cm long extension tube that lets you clean higher up without stretching, and lower down without stooping. The dusting brush offers cleaning performance on upholstery as well as your car interior.

Gtech AirRam K9

As someone who has seen the advertisements on TV and always thought it looked great but didn’t know if a vacuum cleaner could warrant such an expense (while I use my 2nd hand, no name that cuts out every 5 minutes and drives me nuts), it was going to be an interesting experience for me trying out what I consider the ‘premium‘ brands of home cleaning.

I have to honestly tell you, quite simply, IT IS WORTH THE MONEY.
Just hands down, after using the Gtech AirRam Multi K9 System, it is an incredible bit of tech and absolutely changes how you feel when cleaning your home.

I’ve always been one who would put off hoovering as much as possible because this ratty old unit I was using did a pretty terrible job and made it twice as difficult.
Even newer units I have bought on the medium end of the price scale, just did not do a satisfying job. Always having to hand pick up bits that would not be sucked up or were just a pain in the backside to get to.

Gtech AirRam K9 – Angles

This has all changed, I feel like I’m using a futuristic bit of tech that just WORKS.
Whether it’s removing the standard grub that makes it’s way onto the floor like dust, crumbs, bits of cereal from the morning, or pet hair.
The Gtech system just obliterates it and chews it up no problem. Haven’t found a single thing day to day that it will not clear on it’s first pass.

Also in regards to the AirRam K9 I’m loving the ball head like movement where you tilt the handle and you can curve around or even under objects, get into little nooks that you would usually have to lift and drag it into.
None of that bulky stiff movement of the old standard hoovers.

Another great feature is the fact that both vacuums are wireless, that is SO freeing.
Simply plug in the battery, 4 hours or so later, the green LEDs let you know that you are ready to go. Unplug the battery, slot it in and away you go. Could not be easier.

With the AirRam K9 you get around 40 minutes or so per charge (MORE than you’d ever need to clean your house really) while the handy smaller brother Multi K9 get’s around 20 minutes, pretty nifty.

Gtech AirRam Multi K9 System

Both vacuums come with LEDs to help make sure you get everything you need, with a strip along the front of the AirRam K9, and a forward facing strong light on the Multi K9, meaning you don’t really have an excuse for missing any of that pet hair on the carpet anymore.
It easily illuminates it and casts shadows that really let you see any small objects or specks that you may usually miss with the naked eye, very handy.

Few other features of both cleaners I like are the scented tabs you can place within them that helps combat that ‘pet‘ smell that inevitably creeps in to pet households, they leave a subtle flowery scent that just smells ‘fresh‘.

Plus the interchangable filters are very easy to dispose of and insert, as well as the collection bins that you simply slot out, tap a button and empty without any hinderence.
Leaving all the mucky business out of your hands.

Now I’ve spoken primarily about the AirRam K9 and features that are on both units, but what about specifically the Gtech Multi K9?

Gtech Multi K9 – Carpet

This is a compact hand held unit but doesn’t lack in power. Using the Gtech design is nothing short of pleasant, from the power brush head, to the neat crevice tool or extending arm that allows you to get those nasty cobwebs on the ceiling or hard to reach areas.
I can’t really fault it, I’ll be honest I wasn’t expecting much when I heard it was wireless and saw just how small it was in person but it blew me away.

It cleans extremely well, just as good as the AirRam K9 but in a smaller portable form factor, I can see myself using this for furniture, my keyboard and electronics, the car, getting down cobwebs and getting into the grooves that are just too small for the main unit.

Gtech Multi K9 – Keyboard

Gtech has done something special with this bundle and changed my mind on what the ‘standard‘ should be for vacuum quality.

Power, elegance and ease of use, design and usability crafted to near perfection.
I would have no hesitation in recommending this, while it may seem a higher price to pay, you really do get what you pay for in this instance.
BIG thumbs up from me.

The K9 bundle is priced at £349.98 with free delivery.
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