AverMedia PW313 Webcam

As a streamer, video creator and general tech geek, I know that there have been relatively few options for ‘GOOD‘ webcams over the last few years.

Many know that Logitech has had a good foothold on what people call ‘stream’ worthy cameras, with the C920 probably being the most popular webcam in existence for that reason.

While companies like Razer and Microsoft have made attempts, most fall short and cannot rival the staple quality given by existing Logitech products.

AverMedia has now made a jump into the realm of webcams, alongside their award winning capture cards and other streamer equipment. So how does it perform?

I know that AverMedia pump out quality peripherals and honestly, in comparison to ‘other’ brands in the space, they focus on quality rather than quantity. With their focus being on listening to customer feedback and thoughts.

Upon first look at the PW313, I instantly noticed it has a great build quality, nice form factor and features that are actually USEFUL.

I personally value privacy and we all know that those little ‘FBI’ men can snoop on your cameras, hence with the rapid increase in people making or buying webcam covers.

The PW313 has one BUILT-IN! It is a nice simple slider that obscures the camera fully, meaning no one can peek in when you don’t want them to!
That is so much better than my 3D Printed C920 cover, as you can see.

As for the actual quality of the video, I would say it is personally for me, the ONLY other camera in this price range that I would consider using for streaming, other than the Logitech C920 range. It does 1080p at 30fps and that is perfect for streams.

It’s crisp, clear, has good shutter speed adaptation so you don’t get that horrible motion blur. It works perfect with a basic ring light and gives great illumination of faces.
I would say it’s pretty much a tie with the C920 range with each having a slightly different look but absolutely fit for the job.

One thing I do like that sets it apart from other ranges, is the amount of motion you can get on the mount, it sits securely on a monitor but allows you to full rotate it sideways which gives some unique angles.
I’m sure people will find some very interesting uses for this, especially as B or C cams, grab a couple of these and see where your imagination takes you.

You also have nifty little features like the AI Facial tracking stickers in their software, which stick well and are a little bit of fun. Not something I would personally use, but I am sure some people will have a laugh with them.

Good thing is you can use it in all your current streaming software like OBS with no issue, plug and play, ready to go!

All in all, I really like the PW313 and think that AverMedia has done a great job at creating a solid competitor for the streaming market, as well as incorporating some much needed features like the rotating mount and privacy screen.

For the price of around £80, it is definitely one to take a look at if you are starting your streaming career or even expanding your camera lineup.

Now available on Amazon – https://amzn.to/2MlerPL

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