Creative SXFI AMP + Aurvana SE

Creative SXFI AMP + Aurvana SE

As an avid music fan, gamer and movie buff, I fully understand the importance of audio.
People can generally put up with sub par visuals, if the audio is crisp, which only lends to the fact of how important it is in our day to day experiences.

In step Creative with their SXFI AMP and the Aurvana SE, which is an audio amplier with some special holographic audio tech and a bundled set of headphones that are fully compatible with the new tech.

Creative SXFI AMP + Aurvana SE setup

The Creative SXFI AMP is simply run in line from your device to a headset, whether that’s your phone, a console, an audio system or PC.

Simply plug it in with the USB connection and put in your selected headset into the headphone jack, extremely simple and portable.
It is well engineered, feels solid and is small enough to slot into any bag or backpack.

Very simple button layout, a power / connection button, volume up and down and a selection / pause button.

Creative SXFI AMP + Aurvana SE App

So what does the Creative SXFI AMP do different to other reasonably priced amps?
Well, it has holographic audio Super X-FI technology.
What exactly does that mean? Well using a phone app it gets you to take photos of your head as well as each ear.
It then uses it’s algorithm to generate a unique head map which it utilises to configure the sound of the headphones and allow you to have extra spacial sound.

The more precise tuning for head size / ear size, helps to give increased dynamics for your specific structure, you can then also do scans of other peoples heads so that they have their own specific profile.

The holographic aspect of the sound that is activated via the touch of a button takes a bit of getting used to, but it is a large difference to conventional listening.
In my experience it works AMAZINGLY with music, gaming and movies.

The highs and mids are clear, have good separation and the bass has a nice thump without being muddy.

It gives a very ‘LIVE‘ feeling to it, almost as if you are in the space, audio seems to float around you as opposed to the soft sterile feel of standard audio.

Although if you are one to watch primarily dialogue based YouTube videos and the like, it does give it a bit of a spacey reverby sound to it which can be a little odd but does give a sense of presence.

Creative SXFI AMP + Aurvana SE Lifestyle

As for the bundled Aurvana SE headphones, I have to say I am impressed.
They have great sound and compare to other sets I have used in the £100-£200 mark for music and gaming.

They are comfortable over the ear, give a nice seal to block out most sound but give a hint of background still. The earcups are comfy even on my big ears and they don’t give me the dreaded summer ear sweats.

In combination with the SXFI AMP they give the desired expanded sound field and presence that it is destined to do.
Nothing like listening to some Pink Floyd with this combo, ethereal.

Overall, the Creative SXFI AMP is stunning, brilliant holographic audio technology and awesome headphones in one neat little bundle.

I would certainly recommend these to someone looking for a more non-traditional audio experience or simply looking for a moderately priced bundle.


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