Solo — Unbound Backpack


Solo Unbound Backpack

The Nomad Collection’s design captures the spirit of the focused, fast-paced urban commuter. Always on the lookout for the next opportunity, they need a functional, yet sharp everyday bag that looks stylish no matter what the setting.

Checkpoint friendly design allows you to pass through airport security faster
Fully padded 15.6″ laptop compartment
Internal iPad/tablet pocket
Front zippered pocket with organizer section
Front quick pocket and side mesh pockets
Back panel slides over luggage handle
Padded back & back straps

Body size: 19″ x 13″ x 9.25″
Weight: 1.96 lbs

Solo Unbound Backpack — Front

The Solo Unbound backpack is a gorgeous bit of kit, enabling you to carry around pretty much everything you need for any adventure or day out.

You can stow away your phone, tablet, laptop, wallet, passport, magazines, whatever it is you need, all in a beautiful little perfectly balanced package.

I really like the look of the Unbound backpack, with it’s graphite textured material and charcoal panels, nicely styled zipper grips and careful thought out design.

The first front pocket is the smallest, allowing you to store your smartphone, maybe a small tablet or even a emergency powerbank.

Solo Unbound Backpack — Second Pocket

The second pocket has more real estate, but it is a slim line pocket still and would be suitable for pocketbooks, diaries, wallet and passport.

Your little odd bits will end up in this pocket, I found myself putting pens, a mini-tool kit and USB cables in here too.

Solo Unbound Backpack — Third Pocket

As we go further back, the third pocket is substantial, you can carry multiple books, magazines, bulkier items like hardbacks, maybe even a larger tablet in here if you feel like it. 
The main stay of your items will go in this pocket and it’s nicely fit for all needs.

Primarily used this pocket for storing my large powerbanks, extra batteries and even a gimbal! It is very versatile.

Solo Unbound Backpack — Lay Flat Pocket

Finally we get to the final pocket which is the lay flat purpose made laptop and iPad holder.

Holding your laptop and iPad safely and securely with it’s snug pockets and straps.

Also making it far easier to get through airport security due to the easy nature of just simple folding out and allowing easy access to anyone who has to take a peek.

Solo Unbound Backpack — Style

Overall, it’s a really solid backpack and will be my daily runner for when I go out. Keeping all my necessities in place securely but easily at hand.
Would highly recommend it to anyone looking for one.

Be sure to check out Solo and the Nomad Collection at:

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