noblechairs — Epic Black/Gold

Top-class luxury chair at an affordable price

noblechairs — Epic Black/Gold

We live in the age of E-Sports, Streamers, YouTubers and people spending more and more times sitting than ever before.
When a market is growing exponentially, competition surges, we see companies springing up creating gaming chairs and a variety of more deluxe office chairs, so where does that put noblechairs in the grand lineup?

In our opinion, they currently sit right at the top. We have tried chairs from various other brands previously, but there are a few things about the noblechairs EPIC Black/Gold that sets it a tier above them that we will discuss a little later. Let’s go over the basics of what’s on offer.

noblechairs — Epic Black/Gold — Headrest


First off, as is typical with chairs in this niche and price bracket, you get a headrest pillow, lumbar support, 4D moving armrests, PU faux leather, cold foam upholstery that stops the chair and a great build quality in general.

The base and frame of the chair are made from aluminium and steel, while the armrests and casters are polyurethane. The PU leather is great quality and emboldened with gorgeous gold stitching that brings form and lovely design touches to the seat.

noblechairs — Epic Black/Gold — Emblem


The chair comes in a few pieces, the seat and arms are already pre-made which takes out an annoying step that most other manufacturers don’t seem to understand, so that is a brilliant bonus.

The base needs basic assembly with the casters and piston being put in place.
All tools are included, as well as duplicate washers and bits in case of accidents.

The instructions were actually pretty clear. Easy to follow and as long as you leave yourself a decent amount of floor space to spin the chair, tilt it etc, you’ll be fine doing it in 15 minutes.

noblechairs — Epic Black/Gold — Comfort


Once it’s all put together and you get your bum down onto the chair to relax, you’ll be surprised at how firm the seat is, compared to other brands we’ve tried, it has an extra firmness that is actually rather comforting.

Especially if you are a renowned sloucher, the seat helps to keep your posture more elevated without discomfort, after an hour of sitting around in it, I can honestly say it’s perfect for long gaming / work sessions.

The arms are fully adjustable so you can get it into that perfect typing position, the base swivels, tilts, raises and lowers and the back can recline for those extra lazy breaks.

As the chairs have cold foam upholstery, it stops the chair absorbing heat, meaning they have better longevity due to the heat not disrupting the form of the foam over time as much. Also means you don’t get that hot, sticky, warm, sweaty feeling that some chairs can seem to bring upon you on hot days!

Also something to be appreciated is the fact that the base has rounded edges. While this may not seem to be a big deal, I have on MANY occasions (on an old DX Racer chair) stubbed my toe or hit my foot on their exceedingly sharp foot covers, so this is a HUGE plus for me.

noblechairs — Epic Black/Gold Footrest

Extras — Footrest

We were also sent noblechairs matching footrest in the elegant Black/Gold with the diamond stitching pattern.

This is just as well structured as the chair itself, no shortcuts taken, precisely engineered and is insanely comfortable when you just wanna recline the seat, roll into the sun and put your feet up!

It swivels round 360 degrees, tilts down to 57 degrees and is extremely solid.

If you are looking to lounge around in your new chair, certainly be tempted to pick this up for that slick set.

noblechairs — Epic Black/Gold — Footrest Set

Price & Support

This variant of the noblechairs Epic Black/Gold in PU Leather costs £299.99 and the footrest costs £109.99.

Also a word on noblechairs support, we sent over a few questions regarding delivery and other bits, and they were really fast and efficient with dealing with us. It’s refreshing to see a company not handling you like just another number.


Overall, I cannot recommend noblechairs enough.
Whether you go for the PU Leather EPIC set or the most luxurious Nappa leather equivalent, you are going to have a fantastic experience. 
When you are spending this much money on a chair however, that SHOULD be the case.

It’s comfortable, looks beautiful and will certainly last a VERY long time due to the stunning build quality. Go check it out below!

Check them out —

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