Geekoto X25 Tripod

The perfect travel companion?

As a photographer and cinematographer, a good tripod is the backbone of any endeavour. It’s the base by which we can adapt shots and the simplest tool in our arsenal for creating beautiful images.

The Geekoto X25 looks promising from the outset, nice colour scheme / style, compact, sturdy and transformable
So how does this Geekoto X25 tripod fair in the real world?

What’s Included?

Geekoto decided to give you everything you could need for this tripod in most situations. So you get the tripod itself, a carry bag, a manual, a hex key, a thread adapter, a short column and a little pouch for those extras!

The carry bag is a sling style due to the small stature of the tripod, so you can throw it in the car fairly easily with all the needed bits.

I also really like the inclusion of the pouch for carrying the hex key, adapter etc, as otherwise I’d have to find an extra pocket in my backpack or something, so that’s a nice gesture.

Design & Build Quality

One thing that I REALLY like about the X25 is it’s form factor, it’s packed state is with the legs folded up flat over the centre column. This makes it extremely small for storage at only 24.4″.

However once you fold down those legs, this thing can extend up to 75″ which is more than needed for most situations.

The build quality is pretty remarkable at this price point, high-density Aluminium alloy, great ball head, solid spring loaded locking legs and all in a beautiful black and red polished anodized style.

For extra stability there is also a spring loaded weight hook at the bottom for those situations you need to anchor it down a bit.

My favourite feature of this tripod is just how versatile it is.
It folds small, extends very tall, is sturdy but light, allows standard vertical formation as well as the centre column being able to go horizontal for those top down or flowing shots.

You can also flip the centre column to get those low to the ground macro shots, thanks to the ability for the legs to splay out at various angles, plus the extra included mini column you can swap out to get pretty much flat to the floor.

This proved very useful when filming also, the flow of creativity that comes from flexible equipment is really incredible.

I also forgot to mention one of the best abilities of this tripod, the fact that one of the legs can unscrew and become a dedicated monopod!

This is huge, for those situations when a tripod is a little too big or just not needed, you can take one of the legs, take the ball head off and attach it.

You now have a fully fledged sturdy monopod that can extended super high or as compact as needed. It holds weight really well and makes a good hiking pole at the same time.

Overall the Geekoto X25 is a superb tripod, solid, lightweight, adaptable to any situation, transformable into a useful monopod, great ball head and quick release plate as well as looking STUNNING.

It competes with tripods above it’s price point and brings a touch of elegance to this price bracket that not many others do.

I’d wholeheartedly recommend this to those of you wanting a top rate travel tripod or even an upgrade for the studio.

Priced at around £132.94, you would be hard pressed to find a better alternative.


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