AverMedia Live Gamer Mini + Mic 133

A portable streaming package for 2019.

AverMedia Live Gamer Mini

As you guys know I am an advocate of AverMedia tech, their capture cards are far and away the best I’ve experienced. Less problems than competitors, great quality, fantastic support.
So is the Live Gamer Mini another win for AverMedia?

In this little review I’ll give you my opinion, as well as go over the compact Mic 133, which is touted for VLoggers and portable streamers, but how does it compare to competitors in this market?

AverMedia Mic 133

First off, who is the Live Gamer Mini aimed at? I mean, they have the internal 4K capture cards and external ones like the LGX2 that are promoted heavily towards gaming power users, but the LGM is pushed more towards gamers on the move.

Immediately I can tell the product design and quality is on par with it’s bigger brothers, feeling solid, simple connections and looks professional.

AverMedia Live Gamer Mini – Connections

As with it’s predecessors, you have a HDMI IN that connects from Game consoles at 1080p60 (or cameras alternatively), you get a clean HDMI Pass-Through so you can directly play on a separate screen and then a USB 2.0 that does 1080p60 to your Desktop or Laptop for recording / streaming purposes.

I have to say, even without pass-through, there was pretty much ZERO lag when using the LGM and playing games, but I am sure if you are a super competitive gamer then perhaps you’d be able to detect better than I.

AverMedia Live Gamer Mini — Switch

This is an incredible feat for such a small bit of kit, connecting it to your Switch, your Xbox One or even a DSLR, you get silky smooth recordings and streams thanks to this mini powerhouse.

Thanks to the built-in H264 encoder, you can record directly to your storage without putting any pressure on your CPU, bypassing directly into crispy slick gameplay recording, perfect for your YouTube or clips.

Not to mention you get to use RECentral as with all AverMedia flagships, which as we have said previously is a powerful piece of software that is great for upcoming streamers / YouTubers.

So the AverMedia Live Gamer Mini gets a big thumbs up from me, it’s small enough to fit into a backpack and gives you SO much power and capability in a travel form factor, I love it.

Definitely think about picking this up if you are a gamer on the go or someone who only needs 1080p60 and has limited space. You will not regret it.

AverMedia MIC 133 — Computer

Fitting into the same portable niche is the MIC 133 which is a compact, lightweight, unidirectional microphone that is extremely versatile.

You can connect it to your phone, your DSLR or your desktop / laptop, which means your audio needs are covered in pretty much every situation.

It has a sturdy feel, being a solid rod which comes with the necessary cables to connect to any hardware you need, carry case, a windscreen to stop those breezes, as well as a metal stand and microphone shock mount that will fit a hot or cold shoe.

AverMedia MIC 133 — Phone

So you can connect it to pretty much any basic recording hardware, phone, computer or camera, simple to do and adaptable, but how good does it sound?

In my experience testing it on my laptop for streaming, my phone for VLog style shots and even my Sony A6400 for more cinematic purposes, it sounds absolutely clean. I’ve actually kept it on my rig instead of the Rode Video Micro that I was using previously.

The Rode Video Micro was similar in form factor but I felt the MIC 133 took over in audio quality, I was getting stronger audio signals at the same settings meaning I can turn pre-amps down for cleaner audio which is a necessity!

So I feel that shows how good this microphone is without getting into the technical details.

AverMedia MIC 133 — Product

A solid, small form factor, clean audio solution that fits the needs of many of todays rising stars as well as those of us who need a simple solution for superb quality audio without spending incredible amounts for diminishing returns.

The MIC 133 is a fantastic bit of kit, especially when paired withe Live Gamer Mini, you will have yourself a fantastic stream / recording setup that will last you a long while.

Purchase the MIC 133 with £5 off and FREE delivery with code ‘paulbryantv

Buy — http://bit.ly/PBTVAverMic

Available Now:

LIVE GAMER MINI — https://amzn.to/2XKMl28

MIC 133 — https://amzn.to/2XMsoYJ

The links are affiliate links from Amazon which helps support this Magazine and does not affect your purchase in any way.

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