AverMedia LGX2

The ultimate streaming capture card?

AverMedia LGX2 — Product

As a Partnered Streamer over on DLive I have been inching my way through the different tech available to bring gaming to the audience over the last few months and one highly talked about company was AverMedia.

So I reached out to the awesome people over there and here we are with a review, as well as a GIVEAWAY for all my followers! 
Keep an eye out for that at the end of this review.

AverMedia LGX2 — Trailer

First off, I feel we should talk about the basic specs of the LGX2 and see if it’s right for your current setup, so let’s insert that here quickly.

Technical Specifications

Interface:USB 3.1 (Gen1) Type C 
• Video Input:HDMI 2.0 
• Video Output (Pass-Through):HDMI 2.0 
• Audio Input:HDMI 2.0 
• Audio Output (Pass-Through):HDMI 2.0 
• Max Pass-Through Resolutions:4Kp60 / 1080p60 
• Max Record Resolutions:1080p60 
• Supported Resolutions (Video input):2160p, 1080p, 1080i, 720p, 576p, 480p, 480i 
• Record Format:MPEG 4 (H.264+AAC) 
• Dimension (W x D x H):145.3 x 97.2 x 29 mm (5.72 x 3.83 x 1.14 in) 
• Weight:182 g (6.42 oz)

1. LGX2 does not support viewing/recording/streaming of HDCP protected signals 
2. Pass-through above 1080p60 only supports 4Kp60 (2160p60). 
Does not support HDR, 1440p, ultra-wide or high frame rate.

System Requirements (For dedicated streaming PC)
For 1080p60
Operating sytem: Windows® 10 x64

Desktop:Intel® Core™ i5–4440 3.10 GHz or above
4 GB RAM (8 GB recommended)

Laptop:Intel® Core™ i7–4810MQ
NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 870M
4 GB RAM (8 GB recommended)
1. LGX2 does not support USB 2.0
2. We strongly recommended to use Intel chipset.

What’s in the box
• Live Gamer EXTREME 2 (GC551)
• HDMI cable
• USB 3.1 Type-C to Type-A cable
• Backup screw
• Exclusive cover
• Quick guide
• CyberLink® PowerDirector™ 15* product key card 
Notes: *Full HD video editing software. 
Please note that this version of PowerDirector 15 is not the retail version and some functionalities may be restricted or require paid upgrades.

AverMedia LGX2

So you have all the required specs needed to run the Live Gamer Extreme 2 effectively, but how does it actually perform? And is it worth your hard earned pennies?

I’ve had my unit for just over a week, been vigorously testing it on my desktop system — Intel i7–7700K, nVidia GTX 1070, 16GB DDR4 RAM — in a variety of ways, including connecting it to a Nintendo Switch, Xbox One X and also as a camera feed for my Sony AX53.

AverMedia LGX2 — Connection

The connection setup is extremely easy, you have a USB 3.1 connection to go directly into your desktop or laptop which powers and runs data at a crispy lag-free 1080p60.
It also has a HDMI IN for connecting your console / camera, a HDMI OUT which goes to your TV which is silky smooth 4Kp60 pass-through.
Have those 3 cables connected and you are done, simple!

So you can plug your 4K TV as your pass-through for playing but have it recording / streaming at 1080p60 on your laptop/desktop, super handy!

Everything auto installs, you can also upgrade firmware and install the latest RECentral software through their website. RECentral is the hub for a variety of LGX2 features, such as streaming, overlays, Chroma key, as well as direct recording.

Of course you don’t have to use their software, you can simply plug directly into OBS or XSplit, but I have to admit RECentral is actually a rather useful tool if you are new to the streaming process and don’t want to learn others.

AverMedia LGX2 — Gaming

For my personal stream I have been using the LGX2 set to 1080p60 and simply plugging the HDMI into the PC and using the live view to play AND capture.

The LGX2 captured uncompressed footage, meaning there is pretty much zero delay, enabling me to both play and capture at the same time, off the same device. That’s rather awesome when you don’t have a second screen or want to connect a TV.

It’s incredible to see that instant reaction speed of having no delay from an external device, as I typically thought only internal cards could do that.
This opens up a whole new world to laptop streamers also, who’d have very limited options previously. AverMedia is really leading the way.

There is also CyberLink PowerDirector 15 bundled with the kit but I personally already use Adobe products so I don’t have much in-depth to say on that subject. Although people I know who have used it say it is quite capable for doing your average editing and is a good drop off point for those new to it.

AverMedia LGX2 — Covers

On top of the fact that it has blazing fast performance and is opening up new channels for a variety of streamers, it is also extremely customisable.
Going through RECentral, you can customise everything you could want or need, but then you also have a swappable front cover of the LGX2.

The top lid is locked down with a simple twist in locking pin, which holds in a cutout of the LGX2 branding. They supply you with the necessary stuff to print out and cut your OWN branding plate for the top.

I am going to do this with a personalised PaulBryanTV template and stick it on, it’s an extremely cool way to showcase your brand and make the Live Gamer Extreme 2 feel like your own bit of streaming heaven!

AverMedia LGX2 — Cover


  • 4Kp60 Pass-Through
  • Smooth 1080p60 Recording/Streaming
  • Almost Zero Latency
  • Portable and Compact
  • Lid Customisation
  • Powerful RECentral Software
  • Free CyberLink PowerDirector 15 Editing Software


  • Rather short USB cable bundled

Overall the LGX2 is an absolute beast, 4Kp60 pass-through with almost zero latency, high quality 1080p60 recording / streaming, awesome customisation with the lid replacement and super easy but powerful RECentral software.

No downsides as far as I can see, unless you are really heart set on streaming at 4K or with HDR, then the higher up offerings are for you. 
For 90% of the population this is more than enough.

So far I’m loving it, it’s surpassed any expectations I had and has been a super slick experience for me.
It will be a staple part of my kit and I’ll be sure to recommend it to all my streamer friends!

Price — £129.99 on Amazon.co.uk

Other places to buy —https://www.avermedia.com/gaming/wheretobuy

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