Alcatel 5 Smartphone

Flagship design AND performance?

Our Thoughts

As you can see from the photos, the Alcatel 5 is a nice looking phone.
Luxurious flagship styling, with rear mounted fingerprint scanner, front facing face scanner, curved unibody, metallic finish, and large 18:9 FullView screen.

It has a good solid construction thanks to that unibody design, feels good in the hand (although a tad too slippery for my liking without a case), all buttons easily accessible, including the fingerprint scanner.

Alcatel incorporated a 5.7inch FullView screen using the 18:9 aspect ratio, it is vibrant, clean and looks gorgeous. One of the best aspects of the phone.

There is the Face Key on the front, which unlocks your phone in around 0.5 seconds and is extremely convenient. Found myself using it over fingerprint scanning as it was so simple to just raise the phone and instantly get access to the home screen.

Not to forget the BEST part of this phone for me, which are the front facing cameras, most notably the 120 degree wide angle lens.
While the standard camera lens is adequate, it did find it slightly noisy when compared to the wide angle.
That quite simply blew me away, I found the image quality to be far superior, it got much more of the surroundings in the picture and just looked cleaner and more contrasty.

That paired with the powerful front facing flash, really makes for some great group photos, whether that is family around the house or when out partying, you won’t be disappointed.

You also have USB-C which you don’t see on many budget phones, NFC is included too, so they are certainly trying to make this a ‘Budget Flagship’.

Most other areas of the phone however are remarkably average, the performance was rather decent whether playing music, videos or gaming, but just remember to curb your expectations when trying to play something super high end.
This is after all a slightly higher end budget phone and does that well, but it will not compete with those £700 phones.

The speakers are just OK, screen quality far outweighing the audio experience but it will do for most users.

Battery life was one issue I saw quite a bit, with a little heavy use you can really see it ticking down over time, rarely ending a day with over 15%.
So be sure to keep a handy charger with you, although it won’t take long to charge up thanks to that USB-C port!

Overall, it’s a solid effort by Alcatel to bring Flagship style and features to a budget friendly phone, and for the price you can’t really grumble.

The solid front facing selfie cameras, face scanning, fingerprint scanner, FullView screen, it makes for an enjoyable experience with a few shortcomings.

Available for £165 on Amazon

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