A Good Company

From mindless consumption to conscious decisions

A Good Company

Most companies use fancy phrases such as corporate social responsibility and talk a big game about their sustainable value chains. But dig deeper and it’s hard to understand exactly what phrases like these really mean.

We make it simple for you:

Regardless of what it costs, we will always pick production materials that have the least environmental impact.

We only work with suppliers that we know inside out, to ensure we share the same values and get an intimate understanding of their production techniques.

We never ever use harmful industrial chemicals in our production, such as acidic bleach or Bisphenol A plastics.

We meticulously identify the potential environmental impact of all our operations and make sure to always compensate for emissions resulting from shipping & travel.

– A Good Company

A Good Company — Box

As an avid writer / doodler, I go through paper pads quite often, usually because they get stained / torn or wet in the usual day to day grind. 
This is sadly the natural way things go when using a substance such as ordinary paper.

That’s the upfront draw back I personally see to using traditional paper notebooks, but also something we do not typically think about, the amount of deforestation stuff as simple as paper is causing.
It uses an incredible amount of raw material and power to create such things, which is probably the reason we are on the verge of destroying so many habitats in various places like the Amazon.

This is where ‘A Good Company’ comes in!

A Good Company — Stone

A Good Company uses STONE paper, which is far more environmentally friendly, using only recycled material, solar power, no added chemicals and no waste water.

So the stone paper notebooks are not only more sustainable but A Good Company also plants a tree for every book sold, so these truly are the worlds first climate positive notebooks.

A Good Company — Notebook

These notebooks are extremely well made, feel luxurious with their smooth writing experience due to no grain from the standard pulp paper.

Due to the process the books are far more resistant to dirt, grease and water, also making them extremely resistant to tearing, almost having a lightly laminated feel.

Ranging from A6 to A4, there is a size that is sure to suit pretty much everyone, I personally have been using the A6 as a pocket book and the A5 as a more in-depth review note taker!

A Good Company — Blank

There are a range of design styles you can choose for your own AGC books, such as the type of paper, blank, lined or dotted, cover colour from Dusty Pink to Grass Green or Charcoal Black.

My favourite is just the standard Charcoal Black, looks elegant, feels great and it’s nice to have the option for blank pages for doodling or lined paper for more formal applications.

Another great feature with the smaller notebooks is that they lie completely flat, which if you are an avid user can be REALLY annoying with other brands and styles of notebooks, with the pages easily flipping over or bunching in the middle.

A Good Company — Larger

So A Good Company is environmentally beneficial, the stone paper products feel better and WORK better than standard paper competitors, why wouldn’t you give them a try? They even have a first-time purchase money-back guarantee for new users.

Be sure to check them out: http://bit.ly/PBTVnotebook and use code PAULBRYANTV for 15% off your purchase!

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