Tile Mate

Your favourite tracker is upgraded!

Tile Mate — Tracker

Tile is the consumer standard for tracking devices, so you never lose your phone, keys or wallet every again!

As you know or may not know, we have reviewed Tile products before HERE, so what exactly is new?

Tile Mate — Overview

Overall it’s a fairly similar experience but with some minor gripes solved, such as an increased range for detection and also louder volume on the beeps.

That alone makes a big difference in my testing, I could heard the noise from a lot further away and it makes identifying location far easier as you approach.

While the previous generations were adequate, this does feel like an upgrade in quality of life, keeping the usual ruggedness and small size but bumping up the power!

Tile Mate — Product

The next feature is probably the one that I am most happy with, you can now replace the battery!

Previous generations of Tile ran out after a year and you could get a replacement / discount, but this is the obvious choice of being able to simply swap in a new CR1632 battery every 12 months, love it.

Especially for those of us who prefer to keep things simple and be able to handle issues when they crop up early, the battery replacement is a simple way to make sure you never run out of juice.

Tile Mate — Keys

There is also Tile Premium which has been launched.

What is Tile Premium?

For those who want greater peace-of-mind, Tile Premium offers an upgraded experience with exclusive features, our latest tracking technology, and most comprehensive protection plan.

Tile Premium offers the following exclusive features:

Smart Alerts (Beta) notifies you when you leave home without your Tiles or Tile-enabled devices.

Free Battery Replacements will be sent to you for all Mate (2018) and Pro (2018) Tiles with a replaceable battery that you own.

Location History shows you where your Tiles or Tile-enabled devices have been for the last 30 days.

Extended Warranty for up to 3 full years on all Tile models with a replaceable battery.

Unlimited Sharing allows you to share your Tile with as many trusted friends and family members as you want so they can help you find your things.

Premium Customer Support includes access to an exclusive text help line staffed by our Care team.

That costs $29.99 per year and seems like a good avenue for Tile aficionados.

What can I say, Tile Mate is a great addition to their lineup, many worthy improvements and definitely should be picked up if you are in the tracker market.

At around £19.99 / $25 a piece or £54.99 / $70 for 4, absolutely worth it.

You can buy them HERE — https://amzn.to/2QLf1VI

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