SUPRA x SkullCandy Collaboration

Factor + Hesh 3, Better Together?

SUPRA x SkullCandy

SUPRA Footwear and Skullcandy, Inc., the original lifestyle audio brand, have announced a new collaboration for an exclusive fall 2018 collection fusing the best of loud color and street style.

Brought together by its roots in skateboarding, SUPRA and Skullcandy have produced a limited-edition run of Skullcandy’s best-selling Hesh 3 Wireless headphones and SUPRA’s Breaker and Factor shoes — featuring an exclusive colorway, Blue Iridium.

The collection is available on, and at select retailers.

This package arrived late last week in a big hefty plain box and I had no clue at the time what was inside.

Upon opening it I was presented with a sleek black box with the SUPRA x SkullCandy insignia in pearlescent reflective embossed lettering.
Was definitely in my top 5 awesome packages, simple, elegant but suitably stylish.

Inside it housed a SUPRA x Skullcandy headphone pouch and a Skullcandy infused drawstring bag for the trainers.

After inspecting them for a minute I could immediately tell the amount of work that went into both products.
The Blue Iridium colour palette was striking and extremely stylish, flowing from the blue to the purples to the magenta, all interwoven with the crisp black.

SUPRA x SkullCandy — Factor

First off the SUPRA Factor trainers were gorgeous, black breathable knit, mixed with panels of Blue Iridium colorway along the lace line up to the ankle. Iridescent magenta pull tab and liner really pop in the light.

An extremely comfortable fit and the super cushion outsole really adds to the ease of daily wear, I’d have no worries about wearing these out to the skatepark (if I wasn’t so prone to falling flat on my face within 0.5 seconds).

The quality of the knit and design is obvious, everything is flawlessly constructed, looks and build are on par, brilliant!

SUPRA x SkullCandy — Hesh 3 Wireless

Upon first pick up I could tell these were going to be a favourite of mine, the smooth exterior, while plastic feels durable and like a quality product.

The Blue Iridium stands out immensely on the earcups, it really is stunning and pictures don’t do it justice. The interior lining also houses the same colorway as the Factor, mixes of blue, magenta, black, all combined into a snazzy pattern.

It has a foldable design which makes it extremely easy to slot into the provided bag and then into your gym bag for extra protection, or simply in your pocket if you are feeling adventurous.

SUPRA x SkullCandy — Hesh 3 Wireless Side

You have a standard 3.5mm jack slot for wired ability, as well as a micro-usb for charging, which we will talk about in a moment also.

Button wise you have the ability to answer calls, track switch and volume up/down as necessary with the external controls.

The headphones also have a built-in microphone so you can answer those calls hands-free without the need of touching your phone.

As for charging, these beauties have a 22hr life on full charge and the ability to quick charge for 5 minutes, giving you 90 minutes of play time!

Onto the actual sound, these are little beasts, bass is thumping without being too skull rattling, mids and highs are clean and expressive.
The high-end 40mm drivers really put in the work to producing clean audio.

Tried them on both movies and music, I do have to say they are more suitable for music in my opinion but that doesn’t mean you couldn’t happily watch your favourite film with them.

Great sound and lightweight, couldn’t ask for much more really could we.

SUPRA x SkullCandy — Top

Overall this collaboration package was a real treat, the headphones sound and look beautiful, the trainers were comfortable and extremely well styled.
If you are looking for a new set of SUPRA or SkullCandy, then why not look at this bundle and grab it while you can!

Available now on, and at select retailers for around £200, this limited edition set is a real looker!

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