NOWA Smartwatch

Classic style with modern features

NOWA Smartwatch — Box

The NOWA Classic is a watch that keeps minimalist design but adds in some handy new age features for those on the go.

First off let’s discuss the design and build of these little beauty.
The case and clasp are 316L Stainless steel, with a full grain Italian leather strap with nubuck lining.
Matched with that is a glass face with a Sapphire coating which makes it scratch proof.
Internally it houses a Ronda Quartz with Swiss Parts and a standard CR2025 battery. It is also water resistant to 30m.

NOWA Smartwatch — Face

Apart from the elegant face and great build quality, what else is packed into this timepiece?

Well as we mentioned, it’s a smartwatch.
Using low energy Bluetooth, you can connect it to the NOWA app on your phone, which keeps it wirelessly connected.
This also enables the Smartime feature which automatically sets the time to your current locale. 
That in itself is quite magical, setting it up on the app and watching the hands actually rotate in the physical world to your current time is super cool.

NOWA Smartwatch — Strap

Alongside this you have activity tracking and sleep monitoring.
So tracking your daily steps, distance, calories burned and sleep duration / quality. That is also imported into Apple Health Kit or Google Fit.

When receiving a call, you are notified by a discrete light flash on your watch. You can immediately reject the call by a short push on the crown.

The NOWA Smartwatch also helps you to take distant photos, for the convenience of perfect selfies with friends! 
Open the camera using the app and push the crown to take the shot. Handy!

If you can’t find your phone, double push on the crown to make it ring within the Bluetooth range which sends out a loud tone for discovery.

NOWA Smartwatch — Full

NOWA also cooperate with Cypheme, a talented French startup that specializes in unfalsifiable authentication digital solutions. 
Using Cypheme, you can now be assured that all watches are genuine and authorized.

Simply send them a photo of the unique code that is supplied with your watch and it verifies that it is an original product.

NOWA & Cypheme

Overall it’s extremely comfortable, has a gorgeous face and minimalist features that give a classical look.
Add to that the plethora of subtle tech additions and you really have yourself a winner.
No-one in the outside world will know it’s a smartwatch but you, which is perfect for those that do not want to join the standard ‘Smartwatch’ crowd.

Recommended for those who need only the necessities and love the low key style of analogue watches.


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