Portable, Durable, Professional Lighting


Now whether you are a professional cinematographer, a photographer or just someone who likes taking nice looking snaps with your smartphone, we all know that lighting can make or break those shots.

While we would all love to have that permanent perfect natural lighting on all occasions, we sadly don’t quite have that power. So we could buy industrial lighting, light stands with large heads on them, but that’s not always possible or necessary either. This is where LUME Cube comes in.

Key Features

  • 1500 Lumens LED — dimmable
  • 6000K light temperature
  • Waterproof to 100 ft (33m)
  • Bluetooth
  • Optical sensor for slave flash
  • Micro-USB charging
  • Tripod socket
LUME Cube — Light Stand

These are extremely powerful, versatile LED cubes, measuring in at only 1.5 inches all round. With an insanely bright 1500 Lumens of total flicker free power at full brightness, these can easily light up most personal sets and be used as fill lights for even larger sets.
You can adjust the brightness in 10 increments of 150 Lumens, which gives them a diverse range of abilities.

They also have a smartphone app that allows you to wirelessly connect to 5 LUME Cubes at the same time, control their brightness in fine tuned steps of 1%, turn them on / off, adjust them to be constantly on, strobe at a desired rate or fire as an external flash / optical slave.

LUME Cube — Waterproof

LUME Cube are also fantastically well built, made out of tough aluminium and waterproof down to 100 meters. 
Honestly feel like you could drop these off a building and they’d survive and dent the floor (although I do not endorse or recommend doing this!).
Also have a universal standard 1/4″ thread on the bottom, ready to mount to your preferred light stand or tripod head.

They are charged via a micro-usb in the back, which is housed behind a waterproof lock mechanism cap that unscrews.
I would have no problem throwing these in and out of my camera bag all day, every day, without worry.

Simple controls on top allow you to manually adjust settings on the fly.

Left Button
– Turns on the constant video light.
– Click to cycle through the 10 brightness settings.
– Hold for five seconds to shut down the cube.
Right Button
– 1 click activates the Bluetooth.
– 5-second hold activates the optical sensor.
– 1 click turns off the constant video light.

LUME Cube — Diffusers

The ingenious solution to diffusing and also colouring the LED light that comes from the LUME Cube, is via their Light-house Cage.

This is an aluminium cage that sits snugly on the LUME Cube and allows you to connect magnetic filters to the front element via 4 strong magnets on the front face.

The filters hold well and you can’t shake them off, so no worry of them falling out. It’s a nicely crafted system that allows interchangeability on the fly.

LUME Cube — Creative Lighting

That opens up a new world of choices to you, whether it be softening the light via the 3 varied diffusers, colouring the light to be more skin tone friendly (as the straight LED temperature can be a little ‘clinical’), or using more vivid colour gels to really spice up your shots.

Attaching one of the blue or red gels really does add some immense cinematic power to videos and photos, not to mention you can stack filters AND diffusers, which gives you more options than you can handle!

LUME Cube — Drone

LUME Cube also offer kits for most popular action cams and drones, which means you can strap some of these extremely powerful LED cubes to your drone safely and use it for whatever purpose you need.
I’ve seen that people have used them for search and rescue at night, as well as for light painting landscapes, this gives you so much scope for creativity.

LUME Cube — Mavic Pro

Using our Mavic Pro kit with a bundle and they secure very easily over the legs and hold the LUME Cubes nice and tightly against the body while allowing you to angle them downwards as needed.

Thanks to the crazy brightness of the LEDs, you get an exceptional spread of light on the landscapes and can easily spot the drone in the air. 
Plus due to the fact that the LUME Cube can sit at full brightness for 25+ minutes, you can use it for the full average 25 minute duration of a Mavic Flight. Can see us using this for some creative photos in the near future!

LUME Cube — Colour Filters

Overall I am very impressed with the LUME Cube and it’s accessories, extremely bright, built like a tank, highly portable and neat enough to slot away in your scene without being on show.

Will be keeping a couple of these and it’s accessories in our camera bag at all times. Whether you are taking photos or video, recording on a smartphone, action camera, cinema camera or drone, LUME Cube is a great choice.

At $79.99 a piece, you really can’t find something portable, waterproof, with this build quality AND power, that is better at this price point.

You will definitely see these being used in our viral videos at @PaulBryanTV thanks to the flicker free and customisable light, we can use it with our high speed Chronos 1.4 camera and see what epic things we come up with!


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