Lume Cube AIR

Small, light, compact professional lighting.

The Lume Cube AIR is the smallest, lightest, most compact professional lighting solution on the market. Combining a portable & waterproof design, versatile mounting options (magnetic & tripod), the freedom of wireless control, and a range of diffusors inside the box, it’s a must-have for anyone looking to create better Photos & Videos

Size: 1.6” x 1.6” x 1.1”
Weight: 2oz
LUX: 400 @ 1M
LED Temp: 5600K Daylight
CRI: 90 +/-
Beam Angle: 60º
Waterproof: 10M / 30Ft
Manual Settings: 4 Manual Brightness Levels and Strobe
Durable Rubberized Exterior
Wireless Bluetooth Controls via Lume-X App
Battery: Internal Non-Replaceable Lith-Ion Polymer
Charge: Micro USB
Run Time: 2.5+ Hours @ 50% Brightness (30–45min @ 100%)
Mounting: Built-In Earth Magnet (rear), Tripod Mount (Base: ¼”-20)
Control: Bluetooth and Single Button Manual Operation
Compatible Devices: iPhone, Android, Digital Cameras, Video Cameras, GoPro, Action Cameras

Lume Cube AIR

Lighting as a photographer and videographer is the key between good and bad results. Usually needing big bulky lights or setups, it can be a pain.

However Lume Cube have tried to break that need for carting around large expensive setups, especially for those who do more action oriented styles of capture.

We have previous reviewed the original LUME Cube HERE and we really enjoyed the variety of no-hassle setups it gave us.

Now Lume Cube have come out with the AIR, which is a smaller, lighter, more portable version of that original product.

The new Lume Cube AIR has a dazzling brightness of 400 LUX @ 1M, down from the original but with a better colour temperature for most occasions at 5600K, which really benefits you when people are in frame.

The pattern also seems smoother and better placed, keeping it soft but rather directional. Not to mention you can soften this even more with the additional diffusers that are in the box!

The accessories just mount over the front using a silicone style fit directly onto the body, which is actually very secure, wouldn’t come off even when shaking vigorously.

In the box you get the Lume Cube AIR itself, 2 diffusers (one soft white, one warm), charging cable and lanyard which screws into the standard 1/4″ tripod mount in the bottom.

The old LUME Cube was metal and heavier but extremely rugged, the AIR feels more plastic but still feels like it can take some abuse, so I would have no worries with it, especially at this price point.

One thing I really do love about the new unit is that everything is so much more compact and easy to access. Far better than the old unit in my opinion.
Such as the charging port is a mere flick of the switch on the side, accessories just mount over the front, you can even use the brand new magnetic back to attach it to a metallic surface.

This new magnetic back is a built-in Earth Magnet, that literally allows you to stick this light onto a plethora of metal surfaces, like bike handles, metal plates, door handles, lighting stands, wall mounts and a whole lot more.

Not to mention it is fully waterproof up to 10m!
Giving you unique lighting perspectives and adaptions that no other light can.

You can swap between 4 different lighting intensities with the soft click button on top, which goes between 25% and 100% brightness.
There is also a strobe function if that is to your liking.

For more advanced functions or more specific increments in intensity you can download the Lume-X for iOS and Android as well as accessing other settings and information including the remaining battery life of the units attached.

After using the AIR for a few weeks, I can officially say it is my favourite Lume Cube product, I’d happily light an interview set with these, or attach it to my phone for some live streaming, the possibilities are endless.

Great new design, budget friendly, well made, easy to use and expandable. 
I love it.

Go check it out on Amazon from £79.99 —

Or the official site —

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Costs you nothing at all and doesn’t impede your shopping.

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