Jam Double Chill Bluetooth Speaker

A portable stereo solution

Jam Double Chill Bluetooth Speaker

Everyone knows that music is a staple of modern day life, whether you are relaxing at home, on the tube, in the garden or at the beach, everyone needs their tunes!

Luckily for us we are in the age of mass produced portable speakers, but that does come with various cons, namely they are cheap and sound bad, or they are way too expensive for their own good.

Jam wants to break that cycle with this well priced and great sounding little bundle of joy.

So what makes the Jam Double Chill any different?

First off, it sounds good. It has a nice balanced overall feel to music and movies, with good highs, mids and lows that are surprisingly full for it’s size.

It has 12 hours of playtime when fully charged, has a nice bluetooth range of 30M / 100ft, is water and dust proof IP67 rated (meaning it can stay in 1M of water for 30 minutes with no problem) and has an integrated charging cable.

Jam Double Chill Bluetooth Speaker — Cable

The integrated charging works via a handy spool that’s built into the base, also having an aux-in port for those ‘old school’ non-bluetooth users and it has a Speakerphone function for those times that people decide it’s great to interrupt your chill session.
It pauses the music before ringing and then picks up right where it left off after, perfect.

Now for the biggest and best feature in my eyes. 
It has the possibility of creating full stereo sound when combined with another unit.

Jam Double Chill Bluetooth Speaker — Pair

So if you get two of these speakers, you can pair them together and have a true full stereo experience.
You can choose to have them play the left and right channels as intended OR both to play full mono, both of these give a really immersive and impressive depth to the sound.

When you combine 2 of these together, you will be REALLY surprised, it takes it to another level. If the original sound of a single unit is a 7.5, then combined it’s a 9. 
It blows away people when I show them what these little beasts can do.

All I can say is that I HIGHLY recommend these, considering their price is a mere £29.99 on Amazon currently, it means you get an extremely versatile, great sounding, all in one stereo solution for an unbeatable price.

Available on Amazon — https://amzn.to/2PYmSiK

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