Gary Vee 003 Clouds and Dirt

Helping you sustain the grind!

Gary Vee 003 Clouds and Dirt Sneakers

Gary Vaynerchuk, also known as Gary Vee, the now infamous Entrepreneur, Hustler and Motivator, turned his hand to designing sneakers this year and I have to say, I am a HUGE fan.

Gary kindly sent me out a pair upon release to see what I thought, so I’m going to give you a quick run down on the message behind the sneakers and my honest thoughts about them.

Gary Vee 003 Clouds and Dirt — Side

The chosen clean white, blue and brown theme of the classic K-Swiss 5-stripe branding represents the Clouds and Dirt title. These have been nicknamed ‘Sneakers for CEO’s’, fitting with the notion of having to spend time in the dirt to reach the clouds. 
Especially when the target market is the upcoming generation of hustlers and grinders, messages of hard work and determination rules everything.

That also inspires a sense of balance, being level headed, understanding where you come from, where you aspire to be and not letting one rule the other, keep yourself grounded at all times.

So Gary is trying to inspire that next generation of Entrepreneurs while keeping them humble and grounded in being GOOD human beings. 
That in itself is a notable aspect of this his work and specifically this collaboration with K-Swiss.

Gary Vee 003 Clouds and Dirt — Sole

The Gary Vee 003 Clouds and Dirt sneakers are encrusted with detail, from the different theme coloured Gary Vee signature on the tongue, to the insoles separately involving pictures of clouds and dirt, as well as the motivational sayings on the actual sole.

All of it fits really well into the aesthetic and has some really good design choices. For instance where the quotes are on the base are behind the thick rubberised sole, meaning you won’t get any of that rubbing off.

Every inch feels quality, the knit surface, the mesh, the collar linings, the smooth flat laces and their D-rings and coming already treated with Scotchgard just screams longevity.
These can definitely withstand a daily wear, just look after them and keep them clean!

Gary Vee 003 Clouds and Dirt — K-Swiss Branding

Overall I have to say, these have taken my new top spot on favourite sneakers.
Clean design, fit beautifully, comfortable, emblazoned with that positive Gary Vee energy, you can feel the love and craftsmanship imbued in their creation, couldn’t ask for much more.

Would highly recommend you to go check them out and put in an order!

Gary Vee 003 Clouds and Dirt — K-Swiss Branding

Go grab them HERE

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