December Lifestyle & Gadget Roundup

Gift ideas for those you love!

December Lifestyle & Gadget Roundup
ThumbsUp Pusheen Headphones

Too cute to handle! Your top tracks will sound even sweeter from these super-comfy padded headphones, featuring everyone’s favourite kitty, Pusheen.

Pusheen Padded Headphones
– Wired headphones with padded ear cups
– Adjustable headband 
– Compatible with 3.5mm jack audio devices
– 100% official Pusheen product

Sister now has the pleasure of using these, decent sound, relatively comfy and down right adorable. Great gift for Pusheen lovers!

Price: £19.99 — Amazon

ThumbsUp Flying Spinner

Perform incredible tricks and aerobatic maneuvers with the Flying Spinner. Get it spinning and watch it hover like a drone — can you master the boomerang or other extreme stunts? Team up with friends or play alone.

Includes Micro USB charging cable.

Gave this a go as I still have a soft spot for fidget spinners, it’s made of lightweight plastic and looks rather silly.

Once you flick the switch, the fans spin up in a rather noisy fashion, but once your flick it in the air it magically sort of glides back down to Earth, so I can see the appeal for some.

Cheap bit of fun for the kids.

Price: £19.99 — Magnum Brands

Root7 Premium Bartenders Kit

UNROLL YOUR INNER BARTENDER: At Root7, we love a good cocktail, so much so that we have worked with top bartenders to create a unique all-encompassing mixologists kit, with all you need to create the perfect cocktail. The professional cocktail set comes with a 570ml cocktail shaker, muddler, jigger, spoon, bar blade, strainer and a wax canvas bag

ALL-IN-ONE BARTENDER KIT COLLECTION: Six modern titanium coated, stainless steel tools are stored safely in a traditional, waxed canvas roll bag. The wax canvas bag is water resistant and easy to clean you won’t have to worry about any spills or splashes!

MODERN MIXOLOGIST DESIGN: This bartenders kit has been made to stand out from the crowd. Chic and stylish black titanium will never go out of style. A modern contemporary look which mixes traditional steel with new manufacturing practices

EASY TO CLEAN: It fits perfectly into every kitchen and home bar. It is dishwasher safe as well so you can spend more time enjoying your drinks and less time worrying about cleaning everything up

THE PERFECT GIFT: The bartender kit is the perfect gift for aspiring bartenders, professional bartenders or if you are just looking to spice up your drinking experience. Unroll your inner mixologist and #DrinkDifferently

The quality of this bundle is immediately apparent, from the Waxed Canvas bag to the Titanium coated tools.

Someone who is into Mixology or just an avid social drinker would absolutely adore this. It looks and plays the part.

Price: £80 — Amazon

VARIDESK Dual-Monitor Arm

Position your monitor wherever you need it, so you can work in ergonomic comfort. Our Single and Dual Monitor Arms will work with most of our sit-stand desk models and each are fully articulating, featuring a tension adjustment for effortless movement. Our monitor arms are easy to install and adapt seamlessly with your workspace.


Available in single and dual-monitor configurations

Fully articulating

Each arm holds up to 8.98 kg (19.8 lbs)

Easy installation

VESA standard compatible

Since I have been streaming and creating online content, I have been using dual monitors, but on their stands (which is NOT ideal).

So finally upgrading to a proper dual-monitor arm has been fantastic.
You can set them up in any orientation, any angle, adjust them in minute proportions, set the pressure needed to move them from a harder nudge all the way down to a pinky finger swipe.

This is especially helpful when streaming on to get that great orientation needed to keep up with chat and the stream features. Team DLive

Would highly recommend these to anyone in need of dual monitor setup.

Price: £185 — Amazon

ThumbsUp Unicorn Vanity Kit

Looking effortlessly good takes effort you know. Make sure you are always well groomed thanks to this mini beauty kit. Housed in a super-cute unicorn case — the kit contains five essential tools for great looking nails and more.

Nail scissors

Nail clipper

Nail file

Cuticle remover & tweezers

Size approx. L12 x H10 x W3 cm (4¾ x 4 x 1¼ in)

Little sister absolutely loves this, think it’s super cute and convenient.
So anyone who’s a unicorn fan and likes to preen themselves? This is the gift.

Price: £10.99 — Amazon

ThumbsUp Knob Mug

It’s a novelty Knob Mug!

Has a brass-coloured doorknob handle and KNOB lettering

Made of high quality ceramic with painted features

Hand wash only — not suitable for the microwave or dishwasher

Holds approx. 375 ml

This gave the family a good chuckle, while not exactly PRACTICAL, it is a fun little novelty piece. So express your true feelings with this Knob mug!

Price: £9.55 — Amazon

ThumbsUp Original Stormtrooper Decanter

Store liqueur, decant wine and serve beverages. This stylish, high quality decanter is the perfect gift for any Stormtrooper enthusiasts.

In 1976 prop maker Andrew Ainsworth of Shepperton Design Studios created the original Stormtrooper helmets and armour for the first movie. These products are based on the original moulds Andrew produced, as close as it is possible to get to the original film props. Accept no compromises!

Capacity: 750 ml

Material: Super Flint Glass

Weight : 950g

Color: Transparent

Sealing type: Cork

Not suitable for microwave or dishwasher use

Hand wash only.

As a big Star Wars fan this really excited me, made in the image of the original moulds from the first film, it looks really stunning.

Definitely one to add onto the shelf as a collectors piece or as an actual used piece for your alcohol storage needs.

Price: £13.95 — Amazon

MOPHIE Charge Stream Global Travel Kit

With the charge stream global travel kit, you can take the convenience of wireless charging with you, even when you travel abroad.

Five interchangeable AC plug adapters let you charge your Qi-enabled smartphone wirelessly in North America, Europe, Australia, United Kingdom, and China.

The travel kit also comes with a micro-USB cable, a car adapter, the charge stream pad mini, and a convenient travel pouch to carry it all.

Charging your phone in different countries and environments can be a pain in the bum, so with this kit you will know that you are pretty much sorted for any travels you want to partake in.

Simply choose the right plug adapter, put your Qi-enabled phone on top of the pad and let it charge away, simple!

You also get a cute travel pouch for it all as well as a car adapter and usb cable.

Price: £70.60 — Amazon

Snakebyte Switch Tough Kit

Do you take your Nintendo switch everywhere you go? Then the Tough Kit is something you definitely need.

Included is a Tough Case made with a rugged and stylish design that can withstand even the toughest abuse and a Game Case that can store and protect up to 4 games cartridges anywhere you go.

Also included, is a set of controller caps that enhances your grip and protects your joysticks from the normal wear and tear and a scratch resistant Screen Shield Pro made of tempered glass.

As an avid gamer, who is a big fan of the Switch and it’s portability, one fear is always dropping it or scratching something in transit.

The Snakebyte Switch Tough Kit is a nice feeling rugged case that prevents you knocking your console, as well as giving you a scratch resistant tempered glass screen shield that protects your screen.

Not to mention easy to use thumb grips, a cleaning cloth and game sotrage case.

It looks cool, provides an important bit of protection and gives you the tools you need to game on the go in safety.

Price: £24.92 — Amazon

If you use any Amazon links on this review, they are Amazon affiliate links that help the magazine by us getting a small fee from Amazon for referring you.
Costs you nothing at all and doesn’t impede your shopping.

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