Chameleon: The Color Changing Stainless Steel Bottle

Satisfying and Useful, now on Kickstarter!

Chameleon — Kickstarter

Reusable bottles are great and help us reduce single-use plastics. The problem we found is that we often forget about our reusable bottles because…well we just don’t love them that much.

We wanted to change that.

Chameleon — Colours

The Chameleon is made from stainless steel and has a special coating that reacts to cold temperatures. See exactly how much is in your bottle at any time.

Refilling the bottle is so fun that it motivates both adults and children to change their habits and drink more water, using less plastic.

Chameleon — Less Plastic

From a glance know how full your water bottle is. No more reaching for an empty bottle.

Chameleon — Empty to Full

In a recent survey we asked people what would motivate them to drink more water and hit their daily recommended intake. One of the most common answers was to own a bottle they love.

Chameleon — #ChameleonBottle

We’ve been working hard to create this incredible paint and we currently have three beautiful colors.

Each Chameleon comes with a free sun jacket, made from tear resistant silicone which protects from bumps and scratches and harmful UV rays. The jacket is removable so you can use it when you need. The purpose is to prolong your bottles life and keep you away from consuming single-use plastics.

Chameleon — Sun Jacket

We designed the Chameleon to be portable and great for adults & kids alike. It’s slim design fits well into handbags, gym bags, lunch boxes and with a capacity of 21 Fl.Oz (600ml) it is great for the office, the gym, school etc. It will also fit standard car cup holders.

Chameleon — Size

The lid also has a super handy carry strap for on the go use. The strap color matches the bottles color when cold (just in case you forget which is yours!)

We will be offering free shipping to the USA, UK and Europe for all Kickstarter backers. We will be dispatching orders very quickly and your Chameleon will be with you in January, just in time for a New Year’s health drive!


Chameleon — Free Shipping

Well what can I say about this bottle?
It is pretty damn AWESOME.

Nice size, easy to handle, carry around your day to day life, looks slick and has some COOL features built in.

First off, the design is classy and comes with a sufficient ruggedness without being heavy at all. The metal finish is superb and has a little secret of it’s own.

Chameleon — Grab

The paint changes colour based on temperature. It starts out white when at room temperature and when a cold influence is applied externally or internally it changes to either Pink, Blue or Peach.

It’s truly magical filling it up for the first time as you watch the colour change with each drop of water, look at the little video below! SMOOTH.

Chameleon — Morph Magazine

What can I say, it’s a sweet stainless steel bottle that gives you a talking point and can wow some strangers. Give it a go and buy one on Kickstarter now!

Starting from £11.50, be sure to get in early!


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