Big Shot Green Screen

Portable, Affordable and Simple. A streamers dream?

Big Shot Green Screen — The Webaround

With the rise of YouTubers and Twitch streamers in the last few years, we have seen an organic explosion of items that aim to broaden their horizons and make their content the best it possibly can be.

One of the staples of many content creators and streamers, is a green screen, which enables them to block out their background and either remove it from the camera entirely, or replace it with another.

These however usually require separate stands or wall placements, which is rather a large setup by itself and can be very finnicky.
Completely different to the solution The Webaround offers.

Big Shot Green Screen — The Webaround — Open

The Big Shot Green Screen from The Webaround is a 56 inch green screen that conveniently attaches to the back of your chair, either a standard chair or more appropriately a gaming chair.

Simply slot it over the backrest, do up the velcro straps and you are set!
There is also a small stabiliser box included, that you can sit towards the rear bottom of the screen that makes it sit up straighter, which is a nice bonus.

Made of neoprene, nylon fabric and high quality spring steel which as long as it is looked after will last you many many years!

This means it is extremely portable and far easier than standard green screen setups, especially when you consider that most greenscreens in streaming regards, are used with webcams and in smaller frames. 
So this fits that streaming niche PERFECTLY.

It folds up to a small form factor of 22 inches, and comes with an included branded bag that holds it neatly away till you get to where you want to go.

I attached it to our new noblechairs backrest within a few seconds and sorted placement which allowed me to fill my test setup webcam window easily.
Definitely can see how this is a major boon to the streaming industry with such portable and effective solutions bundled up into a little carry bag.

The Wide Shot — The Webaround

The Webaround also have other size and shape variations such as The Wide Shot which is a more rectangular version and comes in either chroma green / blue or grey. 
This gives users unlimited options for their specific setups.

While I’ve mainly talked about the use in the entertainment and streaming field, these type of options also opens it up to other types of use.
For example it would be great for video advisors, cyber school teachers / students, sales people and telemedicine providers.

Overall I am really impressed, it’s a solid product, easy to use, fills many niches and does the job very well. I’d highly recommend!

Anyone who needs a professional and confidential look to their video calls / images but also need that ease of use and portability should definitely consider this.



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