Pauli Caspieri Gran Turismo Watch

A Luxury Chronograph at an Affordable price

Pauli Caspieri Gran Turismo

First off, before I get into the details of the watch, it’s nice to have a little background about the brand Pauli Caspieri. So I’ll give you a quick rundown on what I have learnt from the creator, Michael just before he launched the Gran Turismo on Kickstarter.

Pauli Caspieri is a Swedish brand hailing from Örebro, Sweden, made of watch enthusiasts who want to disrupt the luxury watch market.
The brand name itself is a celebration of Michaels’ children, Pauli coming from Paulina and Caspieri from Caspian, who are twins. He also uses the Gemini sign in his branding which furthermore celebrates that relationship.
His oldest son is also born in that star sign, so in fact all three of his children are included in the branding.
Personally think this is really adorable and is far more rewarding than the typical brand names that only inflate the creators own ego.

Pauli Caspieri Gran Turismo — Face

Now onto the Gran Turismo watch itself.
Little bit of official information quickly.


• CASE: 316L stainless steel, Ø42mm
• CASE: Rose gold, Ø42mm
• MOVEMENT: Ronda 5040.D 13 Jewels Gold plated
• GLASS: Domed Sapphire glass
• WATER RESISTANT: 10ATM (100 meters/330ft)
• LUME: Swiss Superluminova®
• BEZEL: Unidirectional rotatable 120-minute graduated bezel
• STRAP: Genuine leather strap 20mm
• STRAP: Silicone strap 20mm
• LUG: lug size is 48mm
• CROWN: Screw down

So we can see it uses a Ronda 13 Jewel Gold Plated Swiss movement, Italian Leather, Sapphire Glass and Swiss Superluminova which all show that the producer really does care about creating a stunning timepiece with only quality components being used.

It also comes in some beautifully selected racing themed colour schemes.

Pauli Caspieri Gran Turismo — Choices

There are a plethora of choices in terms of coloured faces, straps and even the body material. 
Body types come in stainless steel or rose gold, straps are brown leather, black leather and black silicone with tyre tread style patternation.
Faces come in some luxurious colours, Race blue, Diamond black, Ferrari red, British racing green and Pearl white.

The unit provided to us has the brown leather strap, British racing green face and Rose gold body and accents, brilliant traditional combination.

Pauli Caspieri Gran Turismo — Wearing

Initial impressions are that it is a gorgeous, solidly built watch that feels comfortable on the wrist and has an extremely premium feel for this price bracket.

It has a classic look but has a little bit of a ‘pop’ to it with the beautiful coloured face and accents. The mechanisms are all top notch and you can feel how sturdy they are when you use the pull pin to adjust time / date.

Chronographs are for accurately measuring smaller units of time and the 5040.D has functions that allow the wearer to capture tenths-of-seconds as well as hours, minutes and seconds. With add and split-time functionality as part of the package, it’s the perfect mechanism for motorsport watches.

Pauli Caspieri Gran Turismo — Full Face

Overall I can’t really rave about the Gran Turismo enough, it is priced starting at $190 / €160 / £137 on Kickstarter, which is 54% off retail price.
That is an absolute BARGAIN, you will not get a timepiece of this quality near that price again (unless from Pauli Caspieri themselves!).

So go support Michael and his passion of creating luxury timepieces at affordable, realistic prices. We need more awesome brands like this!

To find out more or go buy your own, head over to their KICKSTARTER by clicking HERE.

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