Zorloo ZuperDAC

Portable HiFi Music, Anytime, Anywhere

Zorloo are a tech startup that we have reviewed previously for their Z:ero headphones, but this time around they have released a more ‘Universal’ solution for people that want to use their own headphones.

The ZuperDAC is a USB plug and play device that you can connect to your PC, Mac or phone and converts it into a high fidelity music player.
Simply install the driver and away you go.

If you are looking to use it with either your iPhone or Android phone, you will have to get the appropriate USB adapter, but then it’s a case of plugging it in and enjoy.

It is a fairly small device, no bigger than an average USB stick, made out of light aluminium meaning it is fairly sturdy but only 20 grams.

Even though it is small, don’t have any preconceptions about the quality or performance it provides.
This is a fully fledged high performance DAC that supports up to 192 kHz at 24 bit rate.

I tested it out in a variety of scenarios including typical Youtube & Spotify usage, plus high fidelity music and gaming.

On the case of Youtube & Spotify, I tried a variety of genres of music and videos, even on these sites which do not typically offer what most would consider ‘high fidelity’ audio, I heard items in the mix that I could not hear via my speakers alone.
Everything was punchier, bassier but crisper and cleaner.

When I finally got onto the high fidelity audio streams, you can IMMEDIATELY tell the difference, the entire mix is balanced, very zingy and ‘live’. For such a little box, it sure packs some power.

The difference in audio fidelity

Gaming is another area where this excels, most games nowadays are tuned for 96 kHz and above, so you can really FEEL and HEAR the difference in the audio when comparing it to your average 48 kHz sound card that most people put up with.

It puts you into the action or drama, hearing every environmental sound effect, every footstep, every gunshot, the world around you in crispy high fidelity goodness.

Overall, this thing is pretty awesome, using your favourite headphones you are now opened up to a world of awesome quality sound, there is no excuse any more.

Go check them out — http://www.zorloo.com/#!zuperdac/ci25

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