Tamu — Review

Are they the best Desserts EVER?

So colourful! — Tamu

We have heard a lot about this place over the last few months, and thought it was only right to go and try it out. Plus who doesn’t love the sound of handmade luxury desserts on a Saturday afternoon?
At the time of review, they currently have 4 Stars over on TripAdvisor with 85 reviews.

Are Tamu in Peterborough really as good as everyone says?
Find out below!


Everyone knows that friendly staff can make or break a restaurant experience, so we were delighted by the lovely people in Tamu that greeted us and sat us down.

We even had a manager pop over and welcome us later on and make sure our ordering experience went through smoothly.

Absolutely no complaints about the Staff.

Sat at our table — Tamu

Décor & Cleanliness

Tamu has a minimal modern take on rustic décor, with clean cream walls, wooden surfaces and furniture.

They are only a small shop, one room with a variety of tables dotted around the deep room.

A mix of their trademark green, brown and white, very cosy yet refreshing.

Not too shabby — Tamu

While you wouldn’t say it was expertly detailed, the elements all pull together fairly well and do not hinder your experience.
It wouldn’t win any prizes for Interior Design though that’s for sure.

In regards to cleanliness we have no complaints, tables were freshly wiped down after each visit, knives and forks came out clean (bar the odd dishwasher spot).
No problems on that front.

Food & Drinks

As you may know, Tamu is primarily a Dessert Bar, with dishes ranging from Crepes or Waffles to Milkshakes.
Although there are savoury crepes thrown in too, this is a chocoholics dream.

The Menu — Tamu

They are all handmade to order from either a set menu of carefully put together dishes, or you can even create your own with a list of various listed ingredients.

If you have a sweet-tooth, you are going to be in Heaven!

The menu is laid out in various sections, ranging from the Savoury Crepes, to Sweet Crepes & Waffles, Milkshakes, Soft Drinks, Smoothies, Coffees and Custom Orders.

There is a lot of choice here, if you do not find something specifically to your liking on the menu, you can then go ahead and pick from the custom order section.

Custom order — Tamu

This is a lovely way to make sure customers get exactly what they are looking for. While the create your own dessert was tempting, I found one off the standard list that sound lush.

‘…I almost got Diabetes just from reading it off the menu.’

Jessica ordered the following:

VanillaPod Milkshake — Classic Vanilla gelato blended to form a smooth creamy milkshake, topped with whipped cream and white chocolate syrup.

VanillaPod Milkshake — Tamu

This was extremely creamy and had just the right hint of Vanilla.

The flavour of the white chocolate sauce, whipped cream and Vanilla was beautiful, not TOO sweet.

Although it was fairly small compared to other offerings in competing restaurants.

Bubblelicious Waffles — Blue bubblegum ice cream and whipped cream, topped with marshmallows, chocolate Smarties, Cadburys flake, strawberry sauce and sprinkles. All on Waffles.

Bubblelicious Waffles — Tamu

From the second this was placed on our table, Jessica’s eyes lit up, it’s like every kids dream plate of food. Sugary goodness ready for devouring.
For me personally I felt it would get a bit sickly, I almost got Diabetes just from reading it off the menu.

Jessica really liked it, but by the end she did agree it was a bit sickly (and lucky I talked her out of also ordering the Bubblegum milkshake to go along with it!).

What I Had:

Jungle Juice — A super powerful combination of Acai, Strawberry, Blueberries & Mango.

Jungle Juice — Tamu

This was SO refreshing, considering it was one of the hottest days so far this year, this luxurious smoothie hit the spot.

The Strawberries and Mango were most prevalent in the flavour, gorgeously smooth, tingling my taste-buds.
It was also a brilliant Palate cleanser after our meals.
Highly recommend this.

White Choc Berry — Luscious fresh Raspberries server on a bed of Belgian white chocolate sauce, accompanied by Vanilla gelato topped with white chocolate shavings and whipped cream.

White Choc Berry — Tamu

It was fantastically presented, just look at it, it is making my mouth water just looking at it again.
The Crepes were delightfully fluffy and soft, the Raspberries tender and sweet, the chocolate was slightly too strong.

More Berries please — Tamu

All together in one mouthful it was just the right balance of flavours, but the one criticism I had was that it should have had LESS chocolate and MORE berries.
As some mouthfuls where there weren’t enough berries just ended up tasting far too sickly.

The minimal bitterness and moistness of the Raspberries offset the sweetness of the chocolate.
The berries are what really set the dish off, as all together it was stunning.

Vanilla Gelato — Tamu

Let’s not forget the Vanilla gelato, such a light, flavourful dollop of paradise, superbly rejuvenating from a chocolate covered dish.


We enjoyed our visit to Tamu a lot, the food and drinks were great, the staff were kind and it hit the spot.

Our only criticisms are that the drinks are slightly overpriced when considering the size and options elsewhere.
In other establishments we have got almost double the liquid amount served for the price.

Plus the fact that some of the dishes could perhaps be tweaked to include more of the fresh fruit and not be overly chocolatey (however this could just be personal preference).

However in the grand scheme of things, they are only minor quibbles and can be overlooked considering the quality of items you get.

Tamu in Peterborough

If you are hankering for a Dessert and are in Peterborough, head to Tamu and give their menu a try, you won’t regret it.

We would love to go back and try some other ‘specialist’ dishes, and of course bring that experience to you too.

I would happily give ‘Tamu’ 4 Stars.

4 Stars to Tamu

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