We recently saw a pretty cool looking product on our Kickstarter crawl by the name of TAKUMI PURE+, it is a pen unlike any we have personally seen before.

The main premise around it is that you can customize it to your needs and personal taste. Including nib length, end caps, ink cartridge and length.
TAKUMI PURE+ is also compatible with over 60 cartridge types, meaning you are sure to find one that suits your style.

Whether you are a journalist, student or artist, everyone likes to have THAT pen which is comfortable in your grip, it makes the world of difference. So the fact that we can now adjust and create our own pen through this toolbox of easy to connect and use parts is brilliant.

The way in which you connect the parts completely alters how the pen handles and how it writes / flows. I created my own variation on what feels good to me and it is a pleasure to use! It feels just right in the hand, the strong metal construction has a brilliant weight to it that is definitely a sign of quality.

Another thing regarding the TAKUMI PURE+ is the floating metal clip design which is pretty funky, it just sits between the two screw on pieces of cap and is very secure. The mini metal ruler that they give you to adjust the internal components is also a very smart item.

I can see a flourish of extra parts being released and due to the modular design you will be able to augment it for years to come and create the ULTIMATE pen for yourself.

Highly recommend this little beauty especially for the early bird price of $55, you can’t go wrong with this writing / drawing implement.

Be sure to check them out over on Kickstarter.

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