Xbox One Disc Cabinet, USB Hub & Dual Charging Station

Snakebyte Charge: Tower Pro

The Charge: Tower Pro by Snakebyte is a true all rounder and the essential accessory for your Xbox One. 
Not only can you store and show off up to 15 of your favorite games or movies, but also charge your controllers. 
The bottom houses a USB hub with two ports, while the top comes with a detachable charging station that charges two Xbox One controllers at the same time. 
Its LED status indicators let you know when your controllers are ready for action. The entire design is specifically tailored to the Xbox One and the assembly is super-simple.


  • Holds up do 15 discs (Games/Blu-ray movies)
  • Serves as USB Hub with two USB ports
  • Includes charging cradle for two controllers
  • Includes two rechargeable 600 mAh batteries
  • LED charging status indicator
  • Easy to assemble
  • Matches console design
  • Colour: Black

Snakebyte Charge: Tower Pro

We have tested this over the last week or so with our Xbox One X setup, and it fits our needs perfectly.
It has a good amount of storage for games and even DVDs, charges our controllers easily while not in use and even has USB ports for additional charging and connectivity.

Simply slot together the unit itself, put the included rechargeable controller batteries in, plug the top mounted charging unit in and you are ready to go! Couldn’t be simpler and is cost effective and efficient for any room.

Overall for around the £45 mark, you get new batteries, storage space and constant charging / connectivity upgrades. Every gamer needs one.



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