Riverside Steakhouse

Fine Dining in Cambridgeshire

Jessica and I were lucky enough to get booked in at the Riverside Steakhouse which opened fairly recently in March, Cambridgeshire.

The building is located alongside the river with a lovely view looking over the Canal boats and into town and looks like a lovely country home from the outside.

We were asked to arrived at around 6pm, which we did and were welcomed in by staff.
The interior is delightfully light and warm, giving you that lovely homely feeling right off the bat.

Our table was located upstairs on the second level and sat us in the front corner near the window.

The seating was actually quite comfy, sat slightly higher than you usually would and with nice rustic tables neatly lined with cutlery, menus and napkins.

As we looked over the menu, we were indecisive as to what to order as it all sounded so good.
Ordered a couple of lemonades with ice to get started, which arrived promptly.

For starters Jess ordered Garlic Mushrooms and I ventured for the Mac ’n’ Cheese Balls both of which sounded like the perfect start to our culinary adventure.

As for mains I wanted to try out the 12oz Sirloin (Medium) while Jess ordered the 12oz Rib-Eye (Medium-Rare).

The order went in at 6.20pm while the place was fairly quiet and the starters arrived at 6.30pm, remarkably fast!

The Garlic Mushrooms looked gorgeous on the plate, neatly dressed with garnish and sauce. It smelt heavenly.

I am personally not a fan of mushrooms but even I had a taste and I could have EASILY ate the whole plate.

The sauce was thick, smooth, creamy and the mushrooms were delicate and soft. Jess also mentioned that the garlic itself was not overpowering, just leaving a hint on your palate.

Jessica was extremely happy, and I can absolutely understand why.

My starter was of course the Mac ’n’ Cheese Balls.
These were blended fluffy pasta in warm, tasty cheese, covered in a fine layer of crunchy breadcrumbs and layered on top of flavoursome smoked bacon pieces.

It was STUNNING, especially the texture of the bacon crunchy bits with the interior of the Mac ’n’ Cheese, sublime.

Once starters were finished, a member of staff came up and collected the plates + cutlery.
They asked if we were ready for our mains and dropped off some proper steak knives.

The starters really opened up my appetite and I was wholeheartedly ready to devour this steak.

Mains arrived at 6.50pm and did NOT disappoint on the aesthetic front.
Once again the plating of the dishes was not an afterthought, manipulated and layered to look appealing.

Our dishes had a wonderful aroma that had me salivating while taking these images.

The steak looked amazing, juicy and cooked to perfection.
It came with vine tomatoes, onion ring, varied salad and sweet potato chips. Certainly not going home hungry.

The meat was SO tender, it sliced easily, melted in my mouth with a little chew to it.
There are few things in life that people can be incredibly fussy about, steak being one of them, even if I tried I couldn’t really fault this one!

Would absolutely order it again in the future, fine bit of meat, cooked by someone that knows HOW to cook them appropriately.

The sweet potato chips had a little crunch to them with soft fluffy insides, some of the better variety we have tried from various establishments.

You typically end up with them overcooked or not cooked enough, these were a nice middle ground.

Jessica’s Rib-Eye Steak was also perfectly done to her taste.
I asked her if she would order it again, and the answer was a resounding YES.

She said it was bursting with flavour and was a wonderful cut of meat.
High praise indeed, so I can only assume it would satisfy the needs of any other steak connoisseurs.

Her chips were the ordinary variety, but were nicely cooked.
The outside had a light bite while the insides were favourably silky.
Just how we like them!

Both I and Jessica were stuffed, 12oz of Steak will do that to you.
We weren’t going to have Dessert, but we thought that it was only fair to YOU the reader, if we had a go and let you see what was on the menu.

So the staff agreed to let us try a bit of everything so we could see what they have on offer.
Apparently the Chef loves showing off a little with these, so that was exciting to hear!

The desserts arrived at 7.35pm, there were 3 of them in total.
Ginger and Citrus Cheesecake, Lemon Meringue tart and Chocolate Fudge Brownie. All looking immaculately prepared with the Chefs star flair on show.

First taste test was of the Lemon Meringue tart, which was super light and zesty, partnered with the Italian style meringue it was quite the treat.

Next up was the Ginger and Citrus Cheesecake.
I am always a fan of anything with ginger in it, plus any of the Citrus tree of desserts. 
This blended the earthy sweet ginger taste with the airy zing of the fruits marvellously. Loved it.

Chocolate Fudge Brownie I am sure has MANY fans in the audience, it was certainly the one first hinted at by Jess.

The plate was adorned with the brownie itself, which was topped with 3 bright raspberries and a caramelised walnut that was roped to another walnut with a delicate line of caramel drizzled in mid air, landing softly onto the coffee foam sauce.

One can not do anything but be impressed at the sheer skill of the Chef in plating up these dishes in a creative fashion, that shows off the talent that this establishment holds in the kitchen.

The Chocolate Fudge Brownie was rich without being sickly, soft and warm.
It went fantastically with the coffee foam (although Jess wasn’t a fan as she doesn’t like coffee!).

Definitely recommend checking out the desserts, even if you initially feel full, as we enjoyed them immensely, just let that steak go down first.

Plates were sparkly clean after we devoured what was on them, testament to the power of a sweet tooth I guess!

So if you are looking for a place to treat yourself and your partner or perhaps even the family, then make sure Riverside Steakhouse in March is on your radar!

Steak cooked to perfection, friendly staff, cosy environment and dazzling desserts, that makes this one a winner for us!

They have a Valentines Day Special coming up where you can book in from between 5pm — 11pm and enjoy a 3 course meal with your loved one for just £60!

You also get a FREE bottle of red or white wine (at your choice), so book in while you can, sure this will get snapped up!

Bookings can be made on 07547 581774 — Sunday to Tuesday
Or 01354 659425 — Wednesday to Saturday.

Review meal provided complimentary by establishment — however all opinions and experiences are our own.

You can find them over on Facebook so go drop them a like and get booked in. Thumbs up from us!

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