StatGear TriTac + Bitzblade 2.0

Expertly Made Multi-Tools

StatGear TriTac Tactical Pen

What is better than a finely crafted pen made of Aircraft aluminium?
A finely crafted pen made of Aircraft aluminium that can write in the rain or even in space, has a tungsten carbine punch to break glass in an emergency and with a wickedly sharp 440c stainless steel blade.

That is where the StatGear TriTac Tactical Pen comes in.

As mentioned, the body is crafted from Aircraft aluminium, is exquisitely machined, feels good in the hand with a nice weight and grip.

The Fisher Space Ink Cartridge inside means you can write in even the most extreme conditions and it is held in place with a robust bolt-action mechanism that locks it either in or out. Very nifty feature.

Onto the blade that is tucked away in the top of the grip.
It’s 440c stainless steel, is 39mm long, sturdy and extremely sharp.
Personally been using it as a letter opener and box opener with absolutely no worries.

StatGear Bitzblade 2.0

Now onto the big boy, the StatGear Bitzblade 2.0, this is a proper workhorse and everyday carry.
If you can do without the pen part, this has many other features that will be sure that you keep it in your backpack or pocket.

Again this is an astonishingly well made tool, expertly machined and finished, which just seeps quality.

So what have they managed to pack into this sleek but robust tool?

9 S2 Steel double sided bits
Prybar / hex wrench / bottle opener
Box cutter/scraper
Knife blade
LED light
Carbide tip window breaker
Bits pouch
Pocket clip
Heavy duty nylon tool pouch with belt loop

StatGear Bitzblade 2.0 — Tools

I am sure you can all agree, that is pretty darn amazing.
So from the top, you have a twist to activate LED torch that is bright and great for those camping trips when you don’t want to lug around a light to go to the toilet.

As you work your way down the body, the next section for tools is a screw cap in the centre of the body that comes apart and houses a sharp scalpel like blade. 
The blade however can unscrew and allows you to replace it with a box cutter / scraper, or a pry bar / hex wrench / bottle opener instead.

Then at the tip you have a carbide tip which is also reversible and allows you to use the tool as a screwdriver with one of the 9 double sided bits.

Overall, these are great tools that would be a wonderful addition to your outdoors kit or even a photography backpack like I’ve been using it.
Highly recommend, could be a lifesaver!

You can buy them at

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