Shooters American Diner

Bringing American Cuisine to Cambridgeshire

Shooters American Diner

As someone who has never personally been to the US, I have always wanted to try their food, big portions, big taste right?

Well luckily for me Shooters in March, Cambridgeshire has recently opened, which is the perfect opportunity to give it a whirl!

Situated along the riverside, you are transported into a 50’s style American Diner, fitted with bar, jukebox, vintage seating, classic stars and cars running along the walls.

The menu is enormous and has a taste of everything American, whether it be breakfast pancakes, milkshakes or ribs.

Shooters American Diner Menu

So with plenty of offer, we scouted through the list and we settled on our starters and a milkshake after much deliberation.

I wanted the chocolate milkshake with Shooters Nachos, while the other half wanted the salted caramel milkshake with Shooters Chicken Strips.

Our milkshakes arrived first, looking extremely frothy and appetising.

Shooters American Diner Milkshakes

Tasting very creamy and full of chocolatey goodness, I was pretty impressed, great start to a meal.

Not long after they arrived we got our starters and these looked and SMELT absolutely GORGEOUS.

Shooters Chicken Strips

Looking rather pleasant on the plate and with an aroma filling the table, the chicken strips with BBQ & Mayonnaise dip were a delight.
Sneakily took half of one to give it a taste, crunchy outside batter with soft warm delicate insides, perfect.

As to be fair I DID let Chloe try my nachos too!

Shooters Nachos

The nachos arrive with salsa, sour cream and guacamole, plastered with gorgeous melty cheese and jalapenos.

Just the right amount of heat, the salsa was full of flavour and the sour cream / guacamole are good palette cleansers from the heat if need be.
Plenty of cheese and good portion size, nothing to complain about here!

Shooters American Diner Coke

To prepare for our main courses, we decided to opt for the classic Coca Cola which arrives in the glasses labelled bottles with a neat little straw.
Having them this way as opposed to in glasses really does help with that vintage vibe.

Shooters American Diner Houston Texan Burger

Main courses arrived, mine being the Houston Texan Burger and Chloes being the Rack of Ribs with spicy sauce.

Once again looking incredibly delicious and droolworthy.
The Houston Texan Burger has bacon, jack cheese, BBQ sauce and onion rings layered on the burger itself, and yes it is a tasty as it sounds!

Burger cooked to perfection, flavours bursting with every mouthful, one of my favourite all time burgers now.

Not to mention it comes with coleslaw and fries, which is sure to fill even the greediest of guts!

Shooters American Diner Rack of Ribs

Onto the Rack of Ribs, these are GIGANTIC, aroma was stunning, came out at just the right temperature, falling off the bone and succulent.

While Chloe complained that it was slightly spicy for her (although it is called ‘SPICY SAUCE’), she demolished most of it so the Ribs definitely have the thumbs up from her, although she may go with the BBQ alternative next time.

I tried some and it was simply divine, as tender as can be and packed full of smoky flavour.

Shooters American Diner Route 66

To finish off our evening, we decided to share a Route 66 sundae, primarily for the pretty picture but also cause Chloe would probably have a good moan if we didn’t at least try one!

Looking like something out of Willy Wonkas imagination, it sat on our table glaring at us with it’s majestic colourful decoration.

Vanilla, strawberry, chocolate and mint chocolate ice cream, laced with bubble-gum and strawberry sauce, popping candy and whipped cream, it was certainly one for the dessert lovers out there.

I only managed a few spoonfuls as I was SO stuffed from the previous courses, but it was very nice
Chloe somehow managed to get through most of it alone, so I think that’s testament enough to what she thought about that one.

Shooters American Diner — Christmas Offers

What can I say? 
Shooters American Diner really is a piece of the US in our own backyard. Food and service are impeccable, you definitely get your moneys worth on portions and it all tastes amazing.

Couldn’t ask for much more, so if you are ever in March, Cambridgeshire or the local area, seek out this little gem and have a good meal.

They have Christmas offers running through to 24th December with 3 courses for £19.95 a head and a free bottle of wine for a table of 4!

You can’t really beat that, so book while they still have spaces!

Give them a call on 01354 658684

Drop them a like on Facebook by CLICKING HERE

Or take a look at the lovely food on Instagram by CLICKING HERE

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